How “Hello. Cannot” Became GSC’s Iconic Tagline

How “Hello. Cannot” Became GSC’s Iconic Tagline

The next time someone asks you an annoying question or makes a ludicrous, simply quote Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and reply, “Hello. Cannot”.

In case you didn’t know, GSC’s “Hello. Cannot” has become a viral meme and such a hit among Malaysians that there are now merchandise with the iconic tagline.

Source: GSC

The social media team took advantage of the trend and debuted their own limited edition black T-shirts. Priced at RM29.90 a piece, the short sleeve tee (which is made from cotton) went on sale over the weekend (Saturday, 18th July). It was such a hot commodity that it sold out the very next day.

While movie-goers are still waiting for the “Hello. Cannot” free size tees to restock, GSC has also debuted the black colour reusable face mask – sold at RM20 per piece. Having said that, many have been requesting for GSC to restock the shirts in different sizes and colours.

Curious to know what is #HelloCannot & who is #GSCAdmin? It all started on 30th June when the cinema’s Facebook admin addressed the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with sass.

You can pre-order your “Hello. Cannot” merch on Lazada here.

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