Ji Chang Wook Shares Thought on Filming “Backstreet Rookie”

Ji Chang Wook Shares Thought on Filming “Backstreet Rookie”

Korean romantic comedy drama Backstreet Rookie stars Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung as employees of a convenience store. In recent weeks, the ratings for the drama has been steadily increasing and the two stars sat down for an interview to share their thoughts of playing the unique characters.

As this is the first time the two artistes collaborated together, the artistes were asked to recall their first impressions of each other. While Kim Yoo Jung praised Ji Chang Wook for being dependable, Ji Chang Wook described his co-star as “slow to warm up to people.” Admitting that he is also slow to get close to other people, Ji Chang Wook revealed he did not really talk to Kim Yoo Jung when they first met but was able to fool Kim Yoo Jung into thinking he was dependable.

In the drama, the two leading artistes get to step outside of the idol images to play employees in a convenience store. Ji Chang Wook plays a graduate of Seoul University who found himself quitting his corporate job to take over his family’s convenience store. When asked if Ji Chang Wook would make the same decision as his character and make drastic choices in his career to chase his dreams, Ji Chang Wook admitted he would. Like his character, Ji Chang Wook explained that he would fight for his dreams and would be happy doing what he loves.

In comparison to Ji Chang Wook’s humble character, Kim Yoo Jung shared her thoughts on playing the passionate and strong-willed character. Having started acting when she was 4 years old, Kim Yoo Jung is grateful for the opportunity to try out other careers through her dramas. When asked what she disliked about being a convenience store clerk, she shared that it is when customers are disrespectful, “It is a service industry. Since customers are treated with manners, they need to return the same courtesy.”

Source: Ettoday

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