Host Danny Yeo suffers 50 cuts in bathroom glass door accident

Host Danny Yeo suffers 50 cuts in bathroom glass door accident

When local host Danny Yeo stepped into his bathroom on Wednesday (July 22), he was expecting a nice shower.

Instead, it was raining glass after the door to his bathroom fell and shattered. And because the 48-year-old was naked, he suffered cuts all over his body.

He told Lianhe Wanbao on July 23 that he was in shock for a few minutes after the accident.

Danny recounted: “I stepped into the bathroom yesterday afternoon for a shower and I was about to close the glass door when it fell and shattered. In that moment, I felt like the glass shards washed over me like bits of broken rock. It was really scary!”

To Danny, the whole thing felt like a scene out of the movies and he had to tell himself to calm down after a few minutes.

As for his injuries, he said: “I had 50 small cuts all over my body, even in between the toes, and blood was just dripping. At first, I tried to pull out the glass with my fingers, but when it didn’t work, I tried washing it off with water. But I remembered being told as a kid that this will make the shards go deeper, so I ended up using sticky tape to get it out.”

The broken glass covered a large area of the floor so Danny had to carefully walk on the bigger pieces of broken glass to move around, stating that he was in pain with every step he took.

Danny eventually called in the help of some glaziers to clear the broken glass and it took them 30 minutes to do so.

He also theorised that the accident was caused by the loosening of the door bolt. When he was cleaning the bathroom a few days ago, he observed that the door was loose and that it could have fallen because there was no support.

The door could have also suffered from wear and tear as the condo unit has been around for 12 years. Danny only bought the property and moved in seven years ago, noting that the door was already installed by then.

He told the Chinese daily that he is not intending to pursue the matter further as it was an accident.

Still, the accident continues to haunt Danny as he said: “When I was sleeping last night, I felt stabbing pains over my body. I’m not sure if it’s psychological or perhaps I’m still in shock.”


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