Japan-made ‘Taipei green onion bread’ upsets Taiwanese

Japan-made ‘Taipei green onion bread’ upsets Taiwanese

To attract customers, bakeries often try new recipes from around the world.

A photo of a scallion bread sold in a bakery in Japan went viral on Facebook, with a caption saying that “Japanese must have misunderstood Taiwanese people.”

The photo taken at a bakery in Okinawa shows the bread with chunks of green onions on top and a sign beside reading “Taipei scallion bread.”

Taiwanese generally use chopped green onion to add flavor to the bread; however, bakeries in Japan used chunks of green onions.

There is, therefore, little wonder that the post created quite a stir among Taiwanese gourmets.

“Japanese must have misunderstood the Taiwanese people. Green onion bread is never made with green onion segments,” one commentator said.

In response to the post, someone said:  “I love the chopped scallions but I can’t accept chunks of green.” A third person added: “This is not Taiwanese-style bread, this is creative bread.”

“This is a huge misunderstanding,” another concluded: “Scallions and chopped green onions are completely different foods.”


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