Piglet petting zoo opens in Shanghai mall

Piglet petting zoo opens in Shanghai mall

A shop that allows customers to interact with mini-musk swines has opened in Shanghai’s Super Brand Mall.

Located on the second floor of the shopping mall, the shop currently has 10 of these small piglets.

According to the shop attendant, customers are allowed to feed the piglets once during their visit. Each entry costs 69 yuan (S$15) and is limited to two hours during the trial operation period.

The shop currently has hamsters as well. The attendant said that different kinds of piglets and pet ducks will be introduced to the shop after its official opening.

Places themed with a variety of animals have become a new sensation in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Visitors said that a main reason to such places is the stress-relieving and relaxing experience of patting cute animals.


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