Christopher Lee turns down Taiwan filming project so he can send son to Pri 1 classes

Christopher Lee turns down Taiwan filming project so he can send son to Pri 1 classes

What lengths would parents go to for their children? For Christopher Lee, he turned down a filming project in Taiwan so he could spend time with his son Zed in Singapore, including chauffeuring the boy — who started Primary 1 lessons this year — to school.

“I want to return to Singapore, I don’t want to spend the whole year abroad! My son doesn’t care about me anymore!” he lamented in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

The 49-year-old is currently in Taiwan, where he’s been filming a drama serial Pursuers for the past three months. He’ll only return to Singapore in the middle of this month before he leaves again in another two months.

While he wasn’t able to attend his son’s first day of school on Monday (Jan 4), wife Fann Wong live-streamed the entire process for him. If it was any consolation, he wouldn’t be able to enter the school even if he were in Singapore as social distancing measures only allowed for one parent in attendance, he told Lianhe Wanbao separately.

He said cheerily: “It gave me a bit of comfort, like I didn’t lose out on anything, just let Mum take him to school.”

Still, missing out on the milestone meant that he is even more eager to bring Zed to school.

“That’s why I definitely have to come home. I’m super excited! I’ve already missed his first day of school so I’ll have to cherish the two months in Singapore.”

As for his son’s ability to adapt to the new environment, Christopher said he has absolute confidence in Zed.

“He’s actually been looking forward to going to school since the middle of last year and would constantly ask us things regarding school,” he shared.

“Of course, as parents, we still worry that he wouldn’t know how to take care of himself, if he’d have any problems buying food, or if he could interact well with his schoolmates, but these are all part of his learning process. He has to figure things out himself.”

He added that he had left all of Zed’s school preparation to Fann, saying: “She can definitely handle everything. She does it when I’m not around.”

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