Local Netizens Are Cancelling Janna Nick On Twitter For This Reason

Local Netizens Are Cancelling Janna Nick On Twitter For This Reason

Janna Nick has been causing quite the fuss online after her series of tweets on Twitter.

It all started after the local starlet commented on the Capitol building attack in Washington, US by Donald Trump’s supporters.

Source: Twitter

The 26-year-old celeb’s tweet compared what had been happening in America with “The Purge” movie franchise. She also stressed on why certain guidelines are needed in the film industry, similar to what Malaysia has done for the past many years.

Janna’s opinion, however, didn’t sit well with the majority of social media users out there. In this case, many of them pointed out their disagreement towards her point of view about the local film scene. Others were also left confused with the “Misteri Mona” actress’ statement on her social media account.

Source: Twitter

This even caught Twitter user @notaidil (previously known as @sunfloweraidil)’s attention, who asked her to get familiar with the issue that has been happening in the country. Refusing to stay mum, Janna then responded by questioning, “So creating movies about racism, as well as highlighting the lower class being oppressed by the upper society help the situation? Being educated but ignorant doesn’t help either.”

“‘The Purge’ was a movie on the eradication of poor people through violence,” the netizen replied. “Ironically, the US has done this way before the movies happened by being systemically broken. This include their historical background and current treatment against the black people/Native Americans. Be quiet on things that you don’t know.” the “Melodi” host then briefly replied, “Loser,” much to the dismay of everyone.

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To quote @notaidil, “To be called a ‘loser’ by a Malay actress is quite an experience 🥴.”


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