Show Lo pays tribute to British ‘granny’ fan who died from Covid-19

Show Lo pays tribute to British ‘granny’ fan who died from Covid-19

Instagram/wendywokou, Screengrab from Instagram/showlo

Say what you will about how Show Lo treated his ex-girlfriend, but don’t let it be said that the Taiwanese singer doesn’t appreciate his fans.

In a series of Instagram Stories yesterday (Jan 4), the 41-year-old paid tribute to a British fan, Judith. The elderly woman went by the moniker “British granny” and was a huge fan of his. Unfortunately, she passed away from Covid-19 on Jan 3.

Show wrote: “Whenever ‘Granny’ says goodbye, I always treated it like the final farewell with her. SFC (Show Fans Club) will always have a place for you.”

“Every time we say goodbye, you’ll always hug me tightly and say you don’t know if there will be a next time… Now you’re not in pain, you don’t have to sit in a wheelchair and travel everywhere just for me. Now, you can fly freely. I’ll always remember the love you showed me,” he added.

It’s unclear how old Judith was when she died.

Judith’s passing was actually confirmed by a fellow Show fan (known as wendywokou on Instagram) who was in regular contact with the ‘British granny’.


According to wendywokou, Judith’s arthritis was acting up and she was hospitalised on Dec 9. Her Covid test then came back negative.

As she was staying in a single room, Judith didn’t wear a mask and she always had hospital staff coming in to deliver meals. Wendywokou added that a mutual contact who video-called Judith would remind her to wear a mask.

“We didn’t think that the situation in England would get worse. We don’t know what happened but after Christmas, her test was positive and she was diagnosed with Covid-19. Her family said she was doing fine and could be discharged soon but her condition deteriorated in 24 hours and she died on Jan 1 at 3am,” wendywokou revealed.

Wendywokou shared in a series of Instagram posts about how Judith became a fan of the Taiwanese artiste and the pair’s endearing relationship.


20 years ago, Judith made a trip to Hong Kong and saw Show on a television programme while in her hotel room. When she returned to England, she tried looking up Show online but as she couldn’t understand Mandarin, she had limited access to information.

She would often travel alone to Taipei and used a camcorder to record all of Show’s appearances on television programmes and commercials so she could rewatch them in her own time.

It was only in 2009 did she get to meet Show in person. This was during his Connecticut concert when a dancer spotted her in a wheelchair. In 2011, she eventually met wendywokou who helped her to ‘burn’ Show’s video files to a CD and store them onto a USB drive so it was more convenient for Judith to watch.

Wendywokou also shared what seems to be the last photo Judith took with Show and said: “I would always tell ‘brother’ (Show) that we don’t know when will be the next time we can take a photo with ‘Granny’ because I’m always worried that [the current photo] be the last time.

“‘Brother’ would never reject [the photo requests] and always obediently held her hand to ask about her and take a photo with her. I never thought this would really be the last time.”




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