Louis Koo’s “Back to the Past” Releases Trailer

Louis Koo’s “Back to the Past” Releases Trailer

Louis Koo‘s (古天樂) film production company has finally revealed the trailer for the film sequel to TVB’s classic drama A Step Into the Past <尋秦記>. Titled Back to the Past, Louis reprises his role as the protagonist Hong Siu Lung and is joined by the original cast including Raymond Lam (林峯), Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Joyce Tang (滕麗名) and Michelle Saram (雪兒).

A Step Into the Past saw police officer Hong Siu Lung travelling back in time to witness the ascension of emperor Qin Shi Huang (Raymond Lam). However, a computer glitch caused Hong Siu Lung to travel several years before the ascension forcing Hong Siu Lung to steer the course of history and guide Qin Shi Huang to become the emperor.

The movie sequel takes place 20 years after Qin Shi Huang has taken power at the cost of a strained friendship between him and Hong Siu Lung. Qin Shi Huang has become a tyrant, and uses his power to achieve his goals and threatens to kill those who oppose him.

Meanwhile, Hong Siu Lung has settled down in the country-side with his family, but he is pulled back into conflicts with the emperor. As seen in the trailer, Qin Shi Huang does not hesitate in using his sword on his former mentor while Hong Siu Lung will have to rely on his knowledge of technologies from the modern world to protect his family. Seeing history unfolds before his eyes, Hong Siu Lung expresses his regrets in playing a role in Qin Shi Huang’s ascension.

Adding to Hong Siu Lung’s problem, a mysterious character named Ken aims to travel back in time to change the past and make himself the emperor.  As Hong Siu Lung juggles between letting history run its course and escaping from Qin Shi Huang’s reach, he is also faced with the task of stopping Ken from creating a paradox in history.

“Back Into the Past” Trailer

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