M’sian Calls Out Company For Hiring Designers With 3+ Years Experience But Zero Salary

M’sian Calls Out Company For Hiring Designers With 3+ Years Experience But Zero Salary

Job opportunities in 2021 remain insufficient, which results in people taking any chances they can get to find a job. However, some companies will take advantage and exploit them by not paying their employees.

Twitter user Nazri uploaded a photo of a job advertisement for graphic designers he discovered on Linkedin with ludicrous demands. He also tweeted with the photo, “Only crazy people will apply.” 


Additionally, the job demands applicants to have at least more than 3 years of experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Adobe After Effects. Moreover, the job also requires applicants to fully understand designing logos, icons, as well as infographics alongside the knowledge of typography and layouts. They also have to be good at editorial designs, magazine layouts, and print designs.

Even so, Twitter netizens were enraged with the lack of “immediate monetary compensation” offered by the company. This is because the business is currently “not making revenue.” The company on Linkedin also provided other alternative compensations such as personal growth, recommendations, and possible payroll once the business becomes profitable.


Unfortunately, Nazri stated that he tried searching for the same job advertisement again but it was completely removed from the Linkedin website. The Twitter user also felt that the company is taking advantage of certain people by using the pandemic as an excuse as bait to pull them in.

He stated, “This is probably to save cost, to meet certain targets, or possibly because they’ve had a bad reputation in the past, like for example, using interns for their benefit.”


Nazri also mentioned that reporting these types of companies to authorities may actually benefit workers. However, he also advised individuals to not encourage companies like this even if they are desperate in acquiring a job. He suggested that people should spread awareness of this behaviour publicly and prayed that no one will ever fall for it.

Source: Twitter.


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