Zhao Lusi Adopts a Stray Dog

Zhao Lusi Adopts a Stray Dog

A netizen recently posted a video on social media to tell a story about actress Zhao Lusi who has adopted a stray that they rescued. The netizen said that a friend had found a stray dog last year. Lele, a Rough Collie mix, was very thin and afraid of strangers. Lele became happier by the day but the friend couldn’t keep it due to many reasons, so they had to find a person willing to adopt. However, Lele was already 4 years old and still not potty trained which turned away a lot of potential owners.

Seven months after they found Lele, Zhao Lusi reached out and said that she’ll help spread the information but a month has passed and they still haven’t found anyone. At the time, Zhao Lusi shared that she already has three dogs and six cats at home. A few days later, Zhao Lusi contacted the netizen again to say that she’s moving houses and wants to adopt the dog. 

Zhao Lusi is a pet lover as she’s been known to adopt dogs and cats, and it warms the heart to know that Lele has found a loving home.

Lele, the dog

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