M’sian Woman Calls Out Couple Who Blocked Her Car At Geno Hotel Parking Lot

M’sian Woman Calls Out Couple Who Blocked Her Car At Geno Hotel Parking Lot

A Malaysian woman recently detailed her experience after she got involved in an heated argument with a couple who selfishly parked their Honda Civic car in front of her vehicle.

In a tweet that has gone viral, Twitter user @amallina_mua wrote, “There are people who are rather foolish despite driving a fancy car. This sort of person has no brains and manners at all.”


In detailing the triggering episode on her page, the makeup artist revealed that she had just gotten back from her work at Geno Hotel (the exact location wasn’t disclosed in detail). “When I came out, I saw that the lane to exit (the building) was blocked by this car. That’s the only path I could use to get out. And they didn’t even bothered to park inside the parking box,” Amallina wrote.

She continued, “So I waited a long time, for almost an 1 hour. After that, the hotel guard and staff approached me and offered their help to me. However, my car was still stuck. They ended up making an announcement; after an hour. The owners of the car then came to the parking lot after they made the announcement.”


After the vehicle owners arrived at the location, they clarified (with a rather snobbish) tone that the guard had asked them to park their car there, much to Amallina’s dismay, According to her, “I was mad, very mad. You already knew that you parked your car outside the parking box, the least you could do is leave your phone number. So I didn’t say anything. I only wanted to leave.”

She further recalled, “After the guy moved their car, I overheard the woman saying, ‘There was no car parked at the spot earlier. I had no idea how she could park her car here.’ Of course there wasn’t. Because there’s a large ‘X’ sign that clearly indicates that you’re not allowed to park your car there. There’s a reason for that. It’s because the lane is reserved for people to exit. I don’t think these people aren’t blind. The ‘X’ sign was obviously there at the spot.”


Amallina then revealed that she “couldn’t contain my anger anymore” after she heard the lady called her “Lahanat” (Malay offensive slur)She explained, “I was being considerate enough to contain my anger. I even waited an hour for them. They were in the wrong for parking their car outside the box. But still, I remained silent about it. Of course, her remark pissed me off. How did they expect me to response, then? Did they expect me to just laugh about it and say ‘Everything’s fine, it’s okay,’ just like that?”

She then explained to the couple that they parked their car at the wrong place. Shockingly, the duo got defensive and shouted at her back. “That’s very stupid, these people have no manners at all!” Amallina said “I could hear them screaming like a bunch of apes. After hearing that, I immediately asked them to shut their mouths. Both of them went quiet after that.”


She then remarked, “Please, you guys own an expensive car. But where did your brains and manners go? If it was up to me, I would just let it slip. But since you guys were being rude, I decided to share about it here (on social media). I don’t care. Whoever knows the owners of the car, please teach them a lesson about mannerisms.”

It was later revealed that Amallina is currently 32 weeks pregnant.

In another photo posted on her Twitter account, Amallina also shared the backside of the aforesaid Honda mobile along with its plate number. “Initially, I didn’t intend for this to go viral. Whoever knows this couple, do tell them to use their brains. After making a mistake, be sure to apologise sincerely . And please mind your manners and language,” she wrote.

For those interested, check out the lengthy thread where she explained some more details on the incident below:


Have you encountered any similar situations before? How did it go?

Source: Twitter.

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