4 Ways to Make Your Stay in Bali more Unforgettable

4 Ways to Make Your Stay in Bali more Unforgettable

Whether you are staying in a lush hotel or a pool villa in Bali, during your stay in spectacular Indonesia, there are several ways for you to make your travel experience, unlike any other.

Sandwiched in-between the Lombok and Java islands, Bali is a small landmass that measures approximately 5,682 km2. It is home to two active volcanoes, Mount Agung and Mount Batur, and it also has majestic black sand to boot. Aside from its exquisite geography, Bali, Indonesia has tons of activities to offer and must-see tourist spots, that include the weekend markets, trekking, taking a trip to the beach towns and rice terraces, or touring the chocolate factories in the province.

The combination of its nature-filled views and culture-rich activities will surely make you wonder how else you can make your Bali vacation more worthwhile. But you can still make your visit more outstanding through the following:

1. Try The Local Alcohol and Beverages

Bali’s moonshine and arak have high alcohol content. Their traditional alcohol or spirit is concocted from white rice that has been fermented. The locals typically serve it to tourists by mixing or combining it with other cocktails. Brem is a variation of the traditional white rice wine, and it is traditionally served during ceremonies concerning their religion. For non-alcoholic drinkers, there are still other tasty refreshments that you can try, such as the Es daluman (green grass jelly), iced young coconut, ginger soda, and their herbal drinks, loloh and jamu.

2. Visit the Temples

Religion is a part of Bali’s culture and tradition. Thus, you might notice that they have different temples or places of worship in every town. Hinduism is more prominent in Bali, and there are more than 20,000 temples in the renowned tourist spot. Paying your respects to one or two of these temples (or Pura in Balinese) gives you a better understanding of the culture of the people living there. It will also let you appreciate their distinct way of life, and how it differs greatly from the lifestyle that you grew up with. Some of the notable temples that you can visit include the Valley of Kings (Pura Gunung Kawi), the “Mother Temple” (Pura Besakih), and Tanah Lot (Pura Tanah Lot).

3. Be as Welcoming as The People in Learning About Their Culture

Did you know that in Bali, putting up doors and gates in their establishments and homes is not as common? Before you worry about security measures, you must know that the Balinese are all about exuding a warm and hospitable environment for the people who visit their home. For the locals, the presence of a door is like a barricade that keeps visitors from feeling welcomed and at home. Be like the Balinese and break down any walls that keep you from creating a genuine connection with the people you meet there.

4. Bask in a Rooftop Pool

If you want to have a relaxing afternoon after a long day of touring, a pampering way to unwind would be to book a reservation in a pool villa in Bali with a rooftop pool. A rooftop pool is more private, and it also provides a different perspective of the natural wonders around you. You can see the mountains and rice fields from afar and rest your eyes on the warm tones of the sunset as night falls. Moreover, rooftop pools are quite romantic; especially if you are visiting the place with a special someone.

Do you agree with this list? What exciting activities would you like to try in Bali?

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