Depressed and Anxious: 5 Painful Examples of What Sulli Had to Go Through Before Taking Her Own Life

Depressed and Anxious: 5 Painful Examples of What Sulli Had to Go Through Before Taking Her Own Life

How many lives need to be lost before we realise the importance of being kind to one another? Whether it be on-screen or off, our words have the power to make or break others and it’s about time we acknowledge the true power behind what we say.

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Recently, the world mourned the loss of 25-year-old Kpop star, Sulli, who tragically ended her life by suicide and was found dead in her home in Seongnam, South Korea just yesterday.

While some are still trying to come to terms with this devastating loss, many netizens have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #RIPSULLI to comment on how her life-ending decision could have been because of cyber bullying.

Here are some instances:

1. She was hated for just uploading intimate pictures of her with her boyfriend

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When Sulli was still with her partner, Choiza from Dynamic Duo, Internet TROLLS would invade her posts with provocative comments that degraded her self-worth.


2. When her relationship with her former boyfriend ended, people insulted her with terms like ‘lesbian’

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And when that relationship ended, haters started attacking every other relationship in her life that seemed to spark any joy. In 2017, rumours sparked online that Sulli was lesbian as she kissed long-time friend, Goo Hara on the lips.

The backlash she faced for a seemingly playful interaction with her bestie became over-speculated online and the Internet began calling the poor, depressed celebrity out based on her sexuality.

“Bet she left Choiza because she’s lesbian”, “Are they lesbians? They’re nasty… No wonder Choiza left.”


3. She was even shamed for wearing a cute camisole

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The trolls would never let Sulli catch a break. “You want to get naked so bad, huh?” “Who does this? Who takes pictures like this and posts them?”

Looking back at the abuse she received, one netizen even went so far as to comment that Sulli’s death should be categorised as murder instead of suicide:

“Sulli’s death shouldn’t be reported as a suicide but murder,” one fan tweeted, adding that the pop star “was attacked constantly” and “there’s only so much a person can take. May angels lead her & take her to the stars where she can stay forever shining and happy”.


4. Accused of being a showoff and hated because she tagged G Dragon in her Instagram post

Source: Tribun News

Sulli is known to be close the Big Bang’s G Dragon. They were so close that many a times people thought they were dating!

However, once, Sulli attended G Dragon’s concert and thus tagging both his private and public IG account in her post. This got her massive backlash because fans assumed it to be a total breach of G Dragon’s privacy. They lashed out at her, saying that she was trying to ‘show off’ that she is connected with the major star.


5. No matter what she did, she will still get constantly attacked

Source: Twitter

Just because celebrities are captured on camera leading apparently “happy” lives, it doesn’t discount the fact that they have feelings too. And contrary to the sticks and stones saying, words CAN HURT and leave deep wounds.

RIP Sulli. Let this be a reminder to the Internet that your words have an impact. Use them wisely. 

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