Krystal Jung & Goo Hara Present At Sulli’s Memorial Service

Krystal Jung & Goo Hara Present At Sulli’s Memorial Service

Just when everyone thought Krystal Jung (크리스탈) was absent the whole time during Sulli(설리)’s funeral service, reports suggest otherwise.

It’s been revealed that the 25-year-old stayed by her fellow f(x) member’s side for 3 days following her passing.

According to an exclusive report by Hankook Kyungjae, Krystal spent 3 days at the funeral home with the deceased’s family members, helping them along the process.“Krystal was at the funeral home for 3 days upon hearing the news about Sulli, and she was involved in all the necessary procedures,” said the source.

In addition, they also expressed their disappointment over the netizen’s hateful comments about the “The Bride of Habaek” actress. “The malicious comments are just too harsh for her to hear. It’s really shocking and sad,” the insider added.

As written by AllKpop, family members as well as friends will go through a mourning phase during the memorial service that spans multiple days, as accustomed by Korean tradition.

Meanwhile, Goo Hara (구하라) has finally arrived in Korea after finishing all her work commitments in Japan. The “City Hunter” star landed in the Gimpo International Airport yesterday (Thursday, 17th October).

She took the morning flight on Thursday morning to attend the memorial service. Prior to this, Hara filmed a heartfelt Instagram live video to address the unfortunate news. She was unable to attend Sulli’s funeral due to her commitments in Japan, as she tearfully apologised to her best friend for not being there to send her off.

Prayers that all f(x) members and Goo Hara will stay strong.

Sources: Koreaboo (1)(2), AllKpop.

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