Going To Japan? Try This Drinkable Soft-Serve Ice Cream From Lawson

Going To Japan? Try This Drinkable Soft-Serve Ice Cream From Lawson

The convenience store chain launched the dessert on Oct 29.

Anyone who has been to Japan would be familiar with the country’s unique convenience store culture — a large part of it attributed to the numerous delicious things you can find in these 24-hour shops. There’s piping hot oden, sushi, gourmet sandwiches, desserts and everything but the kitchen sink. If you’re headed to the country anytime soon during this holiday season, consider the new “drinkable soft-serve ice cream” from convenience store chain Lawson.

Photo: Lawson Japan/Facebook

Sip this Soft-Serve Ice Cream
The newly-launched beverage is called “Nomu Soft Cream” (飲むソフトクリーム). “Nomu” means “to drink” and soft cream refers to Japan’s famous soft-serve ice cream. Retailing at 173 yen (S$2.16) each, the dessert drink uses condensed milk from Machimura Farm, a famous Hokkaido dairy farm with a 100-year history. According to Lawson’s website, the 154 kcal per 190ml drink is supposed to boast a “rich milk” flavour which tastes “as if you were drinking soft-serve ice cream”. So is it just a fancy name for melted ice cream? Or a milk shake? Initial reviews via Japanese website Gigazine says though it is smooth, rich and scented with vanilla, the sweetness is quite strong, and it is heavy to drink in one sitting. Still, it does look cute and worth a try — at least once for the ‘gram.


Photo: Lawson Japan/Website

Munch on these other new Lawson bites too
Besides Nomu Soft Cream, the chain also released other new food items as part of its October 29 launch. Check out the Hinabe Meat Bowl (498 yen; S$6.24, pictured), pork and veg cooked with three different types of soy sauce. Or the Calbee Onion Miso Cream Soup Flavoured Potato Chips (173 yen; S$2.17) and Fish and Chips (200 yen; S$2.50).


Photo: Ninosan

In case you haven’t heard of Lawson…
Interestingly, despite its ubiquity in Japan, Lawson isn’t Japanese. It was started in 1939 in Ohio by American dairy farm owner James Lawson. The chain opened its first store in Japan in Osaka in 1975. Now, with over 14,000 outlets across Japan, Lawson is considered one of the top convenience store chains in the country (but it trails behind 7-Eleven and FamilyMart).


Nomu Soft Cream is available at selected Lawson stores across Japan, including Tokyo.


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