Here’s How To Make Sweet And Savoury Popis

Here’s How To Make Sweet And Savoury Popis

First of all, what is popis? It is basically the combination of popiah (spring roll) and pisang (banana). So from what the name suggests, this snack is all about spring roll and banana. Let’s find out how to make one!



Spring roll wrappers


Flour + water (as ‘glue’ to close the wrappers tightly)

Chocolate syrup

Crushed Oreos


Nestum oat

Cheddar cheese



1. Cut the bananas vertically in half

2. Wrap the cut bananas with wrappers, close the wrapper tightly with the ‘glue’

3. Fry until light brown

4. Add toppings according to your preference

Wow, ain’t it easy? Teatime till never be dull now!

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