The Legendary Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice-Cream from Taiwan Has Finally Landed in Malaysia!

The Legendary Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice-Cream from Taiwan Has Finally Landed in Malaysia!

Okay, bubble tea lovers! This is not a drill! Xiao Mei (小美), a Taiwanese ice cream company, had previously launched a brown sugar milk tea flavoured ice-cream complete with super QQ and chewy pearls inside to ensure every mouthful is a delight. However, Malaysian fans were left disappointed as it was only available at mini marts and supermarkets located across Taiwan.

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But fret not kids, because you can actually get your hands on these gorgeous ice-cream bars in Malaysia now without needing to fly to Taiwan. That’s because, the convenience store chain, has informed that they are importing these ice-cream bars into Malaysia! 

These legendary ice-cream bars have been highly praised by those who have tried, and we can’t blame them, as it looks simply delicious. Packed in a classy black box, these ice-cream bars promise to mimic that crowd favourite drink, brown sugar milk tea, and based on reviews on the Internet, it certainly lives up to that promise.

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It’s essentially a bar of fresh, creamy milk ice cream that is wrapped with an outer layer of dark brown sugar syrup that gives it a beautiful, marbled effect. No bubble tea ice-cream is complete without its pearls and you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of soft, bouncy pearls embedded inside. 

The pearls are reportedly made of rice flour mochi mixed with brown sugar, but they taste remarkably like the usual tapioca ones, with the same chewiness and bounciness you know and love. This is to prevent it from getting hard when frozen, and we can’t wait to get our hands on some of these!

Sounds really yummy! Would you be trying this?

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