Mark Ruffalo To Discuss Potential Cameo In “She-Hulk” With Kevin Feige

Mark Ruffalo To Discuss Potential Cameo In “She-Hulk” With Kevin Feige

She-Hulk, the character has been in and around the comic books for years. But not a lot of people know about her existent beyond comic book readers. Well, rest assured that is about to change when she hits the small screen in “She-Hulk”.

As good as her show might be, it will certainly help if a fellow big name star appeared in it, even as a cameo. Especially, if that star is one of the original 6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers. That seems to be exactly the case as Mark Ruffalo is in talks to appear in the Disney+ series.

Source: Metro

During a recent interview with People, the “Avengers” star was asked about the possibility of a “She-Hulk” cameo. In his response, the actor talked about an upcoming meeting with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about his potential appearance in the show.

I don’t know, I’m supposed to go talk with the great Mr. Feige,” he teased, “Great mysterious Mr. Feige to see if there’s some place.” When asked if he would personally like to cameo, Ruffalo replied, “Sure, why not! It’s been a great ride.”

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In the comics, She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner named Jennifer Walters. She comes into her Hulk powers when she received a blood transfusion from Banner after being severely injured. Seeing how Ruffalo’s character played a big part of the character’s origin story, it stand to reason that the original Hulk will appear in the show in some way.

Currently, not much is known about the Disney+ show besides picking up “Rick & Morty” writer Jessica Gao. But rest assured, we will keep you updated when new information of the series come up.

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