mmCineplexes: A Cinematic Experience Like No Other At MesaMall, Nilai

mmCineplexes: A Cinematic Experience Like No Other At MesaMall, Nilai

There is just something special about going to the cinema. The atmosphere, the sound and the screen all combined into a wonderful experience.

However, that might not be enough in today’s competitive market. Well, mmCineplexes is set to change all that with their 20th cinema in Malaysia at MesaMall, Nilai.

Unlike their competitors, mmCineplexes is fully committed for a digital future. Movie goers can now purchase everything they would need via the cinema’s kiosk located at their lobby. This means that there won’t be any counters to purchase from, including the snacks at the snack bars.

Additionally, mmCineplexes also has an ingenious approach to designing their cinema halls with their seats having ample leg room to ease people going in and out between seat.

The extra space also means that people sitting on rows further from the screen would not have their view obstructed by people sitting in from of them. They achieve this by slouching the seats at an angle so that customers can have full view of the screen while ensuring maximum comfort.

Now for the important question, how much will it cost? Tickets are charged quite reasonably with RM13 on weekdays and RM16 on weekends for standard seats. Students will be able to enjoy RM11 ticket prices when they buy their movie tickets showing on weekdays before 6pm.

Kids on the other hand can get in for free if they are below 90cm while those 12 and under can still get their tickets at just RM10. There are also specials seats available in the cinema that will cost an extra RM1 or RM2, but will not exceed RM20.

The most interesting of all though, is that people can actually book the entire hall or duplex to themselves. This can either be for an event, to host parties or simply something to do among friends.

So, if you have that itch for the cinemas. Then head right over to mmCineplexes at MesaMall, Nilai. For a cinematic experience that is simply on another level.

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