MCO: 8 Free Instagram Live Workout Classes From Malaysia

MCO: 8 Free Instagram Live Workout Classes From Malaysia

The Movement Control Order may have gotten us feeling a bit sluggish. It’s hard to really be in high spirits right now with how things are going in the world and it seems like one of the things we’re doing to pass the time is stuff our face with food, alcohol and more food.

We may not be going anywhere for a while but this inactive lifestyle would definitely bite us in our behinds. Gyms may be closed and we may not be able to jog or run outside but there are many other ways to keep yourselves active indoors.

One way of doing so is by accessing the technology we use to document our lives on to instead take a look at some free workout classes. Time to put that bag of Cottage Fries away and get off that chair cause we are gonna let you know about some free live workout classes conducted by Malaysian Instagram accounts.

1. Tribe Boxing Studio

Based on the name of the Instagram account, you can guess what their expertise is. If you’re looking to channel you’re inner Rocky Balboa, it looks like Triba Boxing Studio may very well be what you need. Having a punching bag would be pretty beneficial but it’s fine if you don’t as they conduct shadow boxing sessions too, which would not necessarily require a bag.

Check out one of their live workouts and follow them on Instagram here.

2. Motion Lab

What great about Motion Lab is that their workout sessions are intended to “to help people move better”. Personally, we have been enjoying Rhenu’s Instagram Live sessions throughout this MCO. It’s always more fun when you’re sweating it out together as a group (virtually).

Check out their sessions and follow their Instagram page here.

3. FlyProject

It’s pretty certain that a lot of us are pretty down in the dumps but exercise can help change that and HIIT (High-intensity interval training) routines can be especially helpful in that regard. FlyProject is offering has HIIT routines twice a day that will really make you sweat your butt off and get the blood pumping.

Check out their sessions and follow their Instagram page here.

4. Kuih Kapit

Once you’re able to get the hang of being active at home, why not do it more often? Yoga instructor Ang Charmaine is conducting five classes a week until the end of MCO (If we ever see the end of it). She has uploaded a number of routines that you can check out on her feed.

Check out her live yoga sessions and follow her Instagram page here.

5. Hot Yo Studio

Here’s more yoga for you guys. Hot Yo Studio livestreams yoga classes every day at 6 pm during this MCO period. They have a number of different classes on offer, so it’s all up to you to tune in and join them.

Check out their live sessions and follow them on Instagram here.

6. OhanaJo Studio

Being at home can really take a toll on our mental well being. It’s clear that these yoga sessions would help and it looks like OhanaJo Studio may just specialize in that regard. Providing live sessions on Instagram, Zoom and Facebook, OhanaJo Studio could just be what you need in these trying times. Their classes are free but if you feel like they helped you in any way, you can make a contribution by providing some donations.

Check out their Instagram page by following them here.

7. Yogaonethatiwant Studios

This yoga studio which presumably derives its name from the “Grease” hit song offers some free Instagram live sessions that you can take part in depending on your level. They are also doing a Yoga Challenge up to the 15th of April under the hashtag #StayAtOhm (They really love some wordplay huh) so that could give you something to do at home.

Check out their Instagram page by following them here.

8. Urban Spring Pilates

Urban Spring Pilates conducts… (you guessed it) live pilates classes on their Instagram along with live classes on yoga and barre. They will soon be transitioning to zoom however. They also provide some stretches on their feed that you can do in a couple minutes which would no doubt be useful if you’re working from home.

Check out their sessions and follow their Instagram page here.


9. Maya Karin’s IG Live

This Malaysian actress is providing live Instagram workout sessions with the hashtag #stayfitwithmaya . There isn’t a set schedule for her sessions but she does give you a heads up on when she will be airing her next class.

Check out her sessions and follow her Instagram page here.

10. Space Studio

If you’re more of a pacifist hippy, Space Studio may just be the place for you. We have been straining our backs by lazing around quite a bit these days so it’s a good idea to make time to stretch and relax with some yoga sessions.

Check out their Instagram live yoga sessions and follow them on Instagram here.

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