Reasons why people falling in love with iPhone and become Apple Fans

Reasons why people falling in love with iPhone and become Apple Fans

Since the first iPhone released by the Apple company, everyone was obsessed with this high technology smartphone. Other phone manufacturers in the market also trying to grab the share market by releasing various types of smartphones. Now, there are 2 major mobile phone systems which is iOS system from Apple Inc. and android system from Google dominated the smartphone market. iOS system from Apple only available in iPhone, iPad and other apple products. In the meanwhile, android system developed by google is an open source software. Any phone manufacturer can modify it to customize as own operating system.

According to Technavio report, iPhone global sales volume in third quarter of 2019 ranked at third place. iPhone is not a cheap brand phone but it still selling good, basically is because of the following reasons.


#1 Branding

From the ever first iPhone released in 2007 until iPhone 11 today, the brand is gaining recognized globally. Everyone knows about Apple and everyone also knows about iPhone. People also anticipates the Apple Special Events that will announce new products that soon-to-be release to the market. The brand also famous for its phone quality and user experience which gradually build up the brand as a reliable brand.


#2 iOS

This would be the major reason why Apple Fans fall in love with their products. iPhone runs on iOS seldom experience lagging and freezing problems. Although the hardware of iPhone is not as fancy as other brands, but the lag free experience certainly wins the user heart. The iPhone hardware and software are both made by Apple to be efficient. Besides, the iOS user interface is simple and user friendly.


#3 Security

iOS utilizes many security features in both hardware and software. Like most of the smartphone in the market, it offers passcode, fingerprint unlock (Touch ID), face recognition unlock (Face ID) and etc. App security provided by Apple is more advance. This is because iPhone can only download software or app from App Store. The app available in App Store is screened by Apple so less malware being downloaded. iPhone can not download apk from the web to install just like android phone.

#4 Product Ecosystem

Aside iPhone, Apple Inc also sell iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod and other gadgets. These apple products are quite hard to be using separately. You must have an apple product to sync another apple product. For instance, if you bought an Apple Watch but do not own an iPhone, your Apple Watch is basically a digital watch that need to be recharge everyday. Many apple users after bought their first apple product, they can not escape from this ecosystem. They will continue buy the apple products.

From a nobody to a top selling company, it is not an easy task but Apple made it. Apple fans love Apple products so much basically based on the reasons above. What is your reason to buy iPhone? Share your thoughts with us.

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