Peter So Man Fung’s 2020 Chinese Zodiac Predictions|Know Your Next Year Fortune!

Peter So Man Fung’s 2020 Chinese Zodiac Predictions|Know Your Next Year Fortune!

Peter So Man Fung is one of the most renowned feng shui experts nowadays. Today, as Chinese New Year is just around the corner, we’ve gathered the Zodiac predictions of Peter So for the year of Rat. Let’s see how your zodiac will be doing next year!

Zodiac signs with the best fortune in 2020

1 Dragon 2 Monkey 3 Dog 4 Ox

Zodiac signs with lesser fortune in 2020

1 Horse 2 Rat 3 Rabbit 4 Goat

Here comes the zodiac fortune.



Career: Put more effort in finding opportunities so that it will be easy for the Rats to get more opportunities in 2020 after a few years of rough patch in career life.

Wealth: The Rats can get good salary and bonuses if they are willing to change. In term of indirect wealth, it will be better than last year, so the Rats can start investing with a small amount of money. But remember to make good preparatory work and ask for advice before you make any decisions.

Love: Single Rats are very likely to meet their true love in 2020, it might even be the person they are secretly in love with! For the Rats who are already married, the couple will still be in a romantic relationship, but beware of the people around who might try to ruin the good relationship.

Health: In 2020, the health fortune for the Rats is good, mainly because of their optimistic and cheerful mentality. But Rats who always sleep late or have late supper need to make changes to this routine so their health is not affected. The Rats should also pay attention to the conditions of eyes and cervical spine. Avoid overworking. Drivers should be careful on the road.



Career: Entering 2020, the career of the Oxen is relatively stable compared to the past years.  This year, they will have a better interpersonal relationships at work, and they will get help from their colleagues when they’re in trouble. The Oxen are very likely to meet benevolent individuals in their workplace.

Wealth: Following the better future in their career, the Oxen are very likely to get an increment in salary. Their wealth fortune will be better as well. But the Oxen must learn to manage their finance and expenditure. In terms of indirect wealth, the Oxen should avoid making investment this year.

Love: In 2020, the love fortune of Oxen is better than last year. Those who are still single might find true love if they pay attention to people around them. Those who have families may have disputes with their partner in the past year, but things will change in 2020 and the relationship will be taken to a new height.

Health: Oxen’s health fortune in 2020 will be weak. They must be cautious about their blood pressure and blood sugar. The Oxen should cut down sugar intake, do more exercises and stay happy.



Career: Entering 2020, the Tigers will continue to have good fortune in their workplace. Their hardworking attitude will receive appreciation and their interpersonal relationship will be stable. The good fortune stays till the end of the year, but Tigers may face the problem of job change.

Wealth: The wealth fortune is good due to the good career fortune. But the Tigers have to manage their expenditure well to prepare for the situation of change of job at year end. In terms of indirect wealth, there might be some gains. If Tigers wish to  make investment, it is recommended that they prepare and learn about the business properly to avoid money loss.

Love: Tigers who are single might develop a relationship with their friends this year. Those who are married will have a stable relationship, but unmarried couples may have small disputes with their lovers. However, the disputes will be solved very quickly.

Health: In 2020, the health fortune of Tiger is weak. It is recommended that the Tigers get rid of bad habits, eg reduce high-calories food, quit smoking and drinking. Apart from that, Tigers should pay attention to their cholesterol and blood pressure. Exercise often and take regular body examination as well as have a light diet. Overthinking will affect Tigers’ sleep, it is recommended that the Tigers manage their emotions well and empty their minds before sleeping to improve sleep quality.



Career: Entering 2020, Rabbits will have a new direction. They can inject new ideas to their work projects and take their career to the next level. It is not recommended for Rabbits to be impulsive but take things step by step for a stable career development.

Wealth: This year, Rabbit must hold the right concept on money, and get a stable income as their career is rising. If the Rabbits proceed in an orderly way, they will have a better finance condition. Rabbits should make a financial plan. If it is possible, Rabbits could make a stable investment.

Love: The 2020 love fortune is quite decent. Rabbits should be courageous and confess their feelings to get their true love. As for those who are in a relationship, they should be talk things clearly with their partners to prevent unclear situations.

Health: The Rabbits might have sleep problem, headache or catch a cold because of their love life. But these can be solved with well-maintained relationships, exercises and healthy diet.



Career: The Dragon’s career fortune in 2020 will take a turn for the better, but they should keep a modest attitude so that their career can reach a new height.

Wealth: Due to the success in their career, the wealth fortune of Dragon will be more stable this year. But it is recommended that the Dragons try some other ways of making money to build more wealth. The Dragons should be more prudent with their spending this year.

Love: This year, the love fortune of the Dragons is spectacular. They should change the way they treat or get along with others to get recognition from their crush.

Health: The health fortune for Dragons is quite good this year, but they should do for exercises to maintain health. The Dragons desire to excel over others, but they should not strive too hard in their career that will eventually affect their health this year to prevent greater loss.



Career: Entering 2020, the fate of the Snakes in this year is quite rough. The Snakes aren’t really good at interpersonal relationship, this means that they are vulnerable to interpersonal threats. It is suggested that they maintain a good working attitude as this will help them get a change in making achievement in their career this year.

Wealth: The Snakes will be greatly rewarded if they have good working attitude. Otherwise, they might lose their job and affect their wealth fortune. The Snakes should be careful when making investment this year, as in 2020, the market will be unstable. The Snakes should make wise choices to get a good income.

Love: The love fortune this year is quite good. Those who are married will be able to spend time with their partner, thus getting along well with their partners. Single Snake people should try to get close to their crush so that their love will be able to blossom.

Health: The health of the Snakes is relatively stable, but they can’t be too too exhausted. The Snakes should relax and exercise more. It is also suggested that they reduce the time to play computer games and eating out to maintain a healthy body.



Career: Entering 2020, the career fortune will see an improvement. The Horses’ good working attitude and helpfulness will be of help in their career.

Wealth: The wealth fortune in this year is astounding as the career fortune is good. The Horses may have a good chance to earn some income from investment this year as they will be able to gain important investment info from their good social relationship. But this should not be taken lightly. If they wish to invest, make sure it is the right timing.

Love: The love fortune of the Horses is quite weak. This is because they focus more on their career and wealth, and will neglect their partners and family, leading to disputes over trifle matters. It is recommended that the Horses spend more time with their families apart from just working and making money.

Health: The health of Horses declines due to them being too involved in their work. They might only catch a cold if they have healthy lifestyle, but more serious disease will come to them if otherwise. The Horses are facing a clash with Tai Sui (太岁) this year, they are very likely to be involved in accidents, therefore Horses must be extra on guard when driving.



Career: The career fortune is not so spectacular in 2020. This might be because of a small negligence in the past. The Goats’ fortune is likely to get affected because of people with bad intentions around them. It is suggested that they get rid of their habit to procrastinate and fight for opportunity at work in order to improve their career fortune.

Wealth: Entering 2020, the Goats’ wealth fortune is very astounding. Their effort in investment will be paid off. They will also receive guidance from benefactors and are able to generate more income. However, the Goats should avoid too much greediness, or they will suffer a money loss.

Love: The love fortune in this year is passable. The Goats should treat their families and friends sincerely as usual. Small disputes are unavoidable, but they will be solved very soon.

Health: The Goats will have a less healthy year in 2020. They are too busy to take care of their health. Poor living habits, regular staying up late and excessive drinking will affect their health. It is recommended that they maintain healthy lifestyles and diet to enhance their health.



Career: The Monkey’s career fortune is the best compared to other fortunes this year. Their effort will pay off as long as they work hard. A good interpersonal relationship will help increase their career fortune. It is recommended that they learn to be low-profile.

Wealth: Entering 2020, the wealth fortune of Monkey is okay, so is their indirect wealth fortune. It is suggested that Monkeys take a venture into a second job to generate more income. But Monkeys should learn to control their financial expenditure to avoid spending more than they make. They should also beware of people with bad intention or their properties might get stolen.

Love: The relationship is affected as they are paying too much attention on work. The Monkeys may be working hard for the sake of their families, but they should also maintain a good balance between work and life. Otherwise, they will not achieve good results on either side. The Monkeys should focus more on their families this year.

Health: The Monkeys will have a healthy year in 2020. But those who have aged should be more careful and have a regular medical checkup to avoid small ailment turns serious. Pregnant monkey people can take more tonic to give birth to babies safely. As this is the year of “He Tai Sui” (合太岁), there are many misfortune stars (凶星) that will threaten their health. Therefore, the Monkeys should live a healthy lifestyle.



Career: With the help of “Tang Fu” (唐符), a lucky star, the Roosters will have a better development compared to last year. In this year, the Roosters are very likely to succeed and hold power, they will be able to get promoted. They should also complete all the tasks given by their superiors and maintain a good interpersonal relationship to avoid being framed in the future.

Wealth: Entering 2020, their primary wealth fortune is good, but the indirect wealth fortune is relatively weak. The Roosters should avoid starting any business this year due to the weak fortune as hard work may not pay off. Their wealth fortune may also be affected by their working partners, so the Roosters must be careful when choosing their partners. In addition, the Chickens should spend carefully this year and not fall into scams or they might lose more than just money.

Love: Love fortune will be blossoming this year, but mostly not their soulmates. There is even a possibility for rotten blossom. Therefore, the Roosters must watch out for it. Furthermore, as the Roosters pay more attention in career this year,  there will be disputes over trifle matters due to lack of communication. It is recommended that they find a balance between work and family.

Health: The health fortune in 2020 is weak, mainly because of the 2 misfortune stars “Jiao Sha” (绞煞) and “Fu Shi” (伏尸), brought along by “Po Tai Sui” (破太岁). “Jiao Sha” brings accidents, so it is recommended that the Goats avoid visiting places where accidents often take place or participating in activities in the wild. “Fu Shi” represents diseases. Therefore, the Roosters or their families may get a serious disease that cause them bed-ridden. It is recommended that they pay more attention to their families and bring them for a check-up even if it’s just an ailment.



Career: The career fortune this year is okay, but the thinking of leaving the job will affect the fortune greater. It is suggested that the Dogs be patient with the ill treatment at work. They can achieve a better position when their career fortune rises.

Wealth: Entering 2020, the wealth fortune may go down, they are prone to losing small amount of money. It is suggested that the Dogs do not gamble or buy lottery this year to prevent being deeply in debt.

Love: The love fortune is good. Married dog people will have a harmonious life with their partners, while those who are single might meet their true love, but they should make more new friends in order to achieve this. The Goats should remember to never play with others’ feeling or the bad karma will get back at them.

Health: The health fortune this year is weak, but the Goats should be extra careful when they are outside. Female dog people should not go out alone late night and be careful when doing anything. The male dog people should watch out when they are driving, follow the traffic rules and remember not to drive after drinking.



Career: Entering 2020, the pig will have a good career fortune. They should take advantage of the peak of their career. It is recommended that they try different types of jobs in order to find the job that suit themselves the most. Apart from them, the pig people can try to start their own business if they have favourable conditions.

Wealth: The wealth fortune is good. Investment will pay off. There is also a possibility to gain income from indirect wealth like lottery, or being rewarded after a good deed. It is suggested that the Pigs do more good deeds to collect more good fortune and improve their wealth fortune. This will lead to a bigger opportunity to meeting a benefactor.

Love: Optimistic pig people will have good love fortune. Those who are single are very likely to have a good blossom and find their partners this year. Married pig people may come across “wild flowers” in their relationship, so they should maintain their marriage well. They must avoid love affair or dating more than one person as getting involved with this will affect their overall fortune.

Health: The health fortune of the Pigs in 2020 is weak. Being affected by “Bing Fu” (病符) and “Wang Shen” (亡神), they might get a serious disease. It is suggested that they exercise more and reduce the time of staying up late to avoid diseases knocking their door.


Here’s a video of Peter So Man Fung explaining the overall fortune in the year of rat. We hope you enjoy it!


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