Two GNZ48 Members in Abusive Relationship With Each Other

Two GNZ48 Members in Abusive Relationship With Each Other


Following the same concept as Japan’s hottest and largest idol girl group AKB48GNZ48 was formed as SNH48‘s sister group in Guangzhou. Although being in a large idol group sounds merry, it seems inevitable that conflicts are bound to happen between members. Last night, it was reported that two GNZ48 members Zuo Jing Yuan (左婧媛) and Tang Li Jia (唐莉佳), who are apparently best friends, were engaged in a violent fight. Later chatlog exposure caused netizens to believe the two may be in a romantic relationship.

The whole incident began with 21-year-old Jing Yuan posting photos of her bruised and injured arms and legs. Showing deep wounds, she commented, “My best friend is fighting with me. She would bite me, hit me, pull my hair and push my head onto the ground, and slap my yet to-be-healed face. I could do the same to defend myself, but I can’t bear to inflict such brutal acts.”

She didn’t follow-up with more information until recently when the young idol did a livestream and suddenly told viewers to look at the bruises on her arm. At this time, good friend Li Jia stopped her. Netizens then became suspicious and speculated that Li Jia is the perpetrator of Jing Yuan’s abuse. After that, the conversation between the two was exposed, and it unexpectedly revealed their romantic relationship.

It’s not every day that there is a lesbian idol couple, so the news became a hot discussion online. Li Jia finally came forward and said, “Sorry, I have to give everyone here a sincere apology: I shouldn’t hit people. But I’m also a victim, she is definitely not the only one who is injured. I was wounded as much as her. In fact, I am even afraid to tell everyone how much I was wounded.”

In response to Li Jia’s comment, a social media account likely owned by Jing Yuan expressed, “What did I even do that made you so scared to open your mouth? Please tell?”

Seeing such strong hostility between the two, fans are urging GNZ48’s management to control the situation and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Source: Oncc


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