Lenovo Launches iPhone 11-inspired Smartphone Series Selling From RM230

Lenovo Launches iPhone 11-inspired Smartphone Series Selling From RM230

Ever since the uniquely designed iPhone 11 series made its triumphant debut back in September last year, a number of competing smartphone brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

In this case, these brands will ‘try’ their best to come up with their own copycat version of iPhone 11 model, duplicating its specs as well as its signature design. Well, Lenovo’s latest model i11 is not excluded from the list.

Heavily influenced by iPhone 11, we have no doubt that the all-new i11 model is the Chinese tech company’s closest trial to come up with their own version of the popular smartphone, especially with its camera layout. If you don’t believe us, feel free to compare the 2 different phone models above.

In terms of the sizing, Lenovo i11 comes with a 6.1 inch screen size similar to iPhone 11. The FaceID scanner is also supported by the model. Additionally, the smartphone is available in 4GB RAM, 32GB memory storage as well as battery storage up to 2000 mAh. Both the front and rear cameras come with 8-megapixel sensors.

Despite the high-quality specs, it’s no surprise that the price offered by the brand is far more cheaper as compared to iPhone 11. Ranging from RM230 – RM245, the brand new phone model is definitely worth a try.

Source: VOCKET

For those who are interested to get their hands on these babies, feel free to click here.

Source: VOCKET.

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