Got promoted at work? Here are 4 tips for managing your colleagues

Got promoted at work? Here are 4 tips for managing your colleagues

While a promotion at work is good cause for celebration, there’s no denying that going from co-worker to superior also translates to a change in relationship dynamics with your colleagues Want to gain their support and succeed in your new managerial role as best you can? See Ching-Feng, a principal consultant at career guidance agency Avodah People Solutions, shares four tips.

1. Think about your leadership style

It is important that you reframe how you see your role within the team. You can start by thinking about the kind of leader you want to be, and learning to embody the qualities essential to your new position.

2. Have a conversation with the team

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Hold a meeting with the team so that you can set clear expectations and get everyone on the same page. Ask for their support, confidence and trust, but also assure them that they can voice their objections if they have an issue with you or your approach.

3. Also have a one-to-one chat

Make an effort to meet with each team member individually in an informal setting to talk about the changes in the dynamics of your relationship.

Since you’re now their superior, you can also take the chance to discuss their career aspirations and understand how they hope to be supported. If required, acknowledge any negative emotion they may have about your promotion and resolve the conflict.

4. Practise sensitivity

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You can stay friendly without being too much of a ‘buddy’ to avoid perceived favouritism. Make sure you avoid talking about sensitive topics such as company policies or other managerial staff and their decisions when talking to your team; these types of conversations are a complete no-no in your new role.


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