Psychology love test for couples! 【What is the most likely reason that will cause a fight in your relationship?】

Psychology love test for couples! 【What is the most likely reason that will cause a fight in your relationship?】

Arguing with your other half is inevitable in a relationship, however, you must not let your relationship be ruined by small arguments. Some said that these small arguments are one of the ways for you to know more about your other half!

So here we are today to test you on what is the most likely reason that will cause a fight between you and your other half!



Warm reminder: please proceed to the next question as cued.

1. Are you the decision-maker in your relationship?

Yes – Q2

No – Q4

2. Do you enjoy working?

Yes – Q3

No – Q5

3. Be used to telling each other about the happenings around them?

Yes – Q4

No – Q6

4. Think that you know your other half’s work and life situation?

Yes – Q7

No – Q8

5. Do you always buy useless stuff?

Yes – Q6

No – Q7

6. Who usually plans activities for anniversaries or festive dates?

The other half – Q8

Me – Q9

7. First thought if your other half is not answering phone calls?

Having an affair – Q10

Might be working or in a situation that is inconvenient to pick up phone call – Q11

8. Often talk about the funny things in the past when spending time together?

Yes – Q9

No – Q12

9 Your other half did something that anger you, you will?

Listen to his / her explanation – Q12

Throw a tantrum – Q13

10. Always missing your other half?

Yes – Q11

No – Q13

11. Familiar with your other half’s social circle?

Yes – Q12

No – A

12. Wouldn’t mind if your other half is close to their besties/buddies?

Yes – B

No – D

13. Have you violated your other half’s privacy, like looking through his/her phone messages or diaries?

Yes – A

No – C


(A) You augue because of the communication problem

You are a peace lover. Whenever you are working with people, you tend to wish to communicate smoothly, so that every problem can be solved in peace, even if you are at the disadvantage side. Hence, you may suffer a great disadvantage in your relationship as you always let your other half win. By this, you aim to decrease the arguments between you two, however, some things should be communicated clearly. Regarding the opposite sex, you have trouble understanding their inner thoughts, would give up asking easily if the opposite sex refused to tell you. In this case, you will miss out on many opportunities for understanding your other half. If you were to ask a few more times, your other half will open up and talk to you about the problem and pressure they faced. Don’t give up communication because of your fear of getting into arguments!



(B) You argue because of your persistence

You are a rational person in life and in relationships. You understand your own needs. You have plans for your personal life, you know what to look for in your other half. In a relationship, you always want your other half to live with your hopes. You have standards for your other half, and you would demand your other half to do things in order for him or her to meet your requirements. This could be a burden to your other half. Being too self-centered is the fatal point in your relationship. Do not try to force your thoughts on your other half and understand that everyone has their own uniqueness.


(C) You argue because of your uncertainty

You seek for freedom in life, you look forward to a life that is free from stress. For you, relationships and friendships are things that depend on fate. Your uncertainty is fatal to your relationships as you failed to provide a sense of reassurance to your other half. You are disloyal to your other half, but you think that you reserve every right of making friends before entering a marriage. Hence, you presume that all your relationships with the opposite sex are normal without noticing that this may cause discomfort to your other half.



(D) You argue because of your personality

You wish to find your soulmate in your relationship. Looks and financial conditions are not your priority when searching for the other half. You tend to look for people that you can have deep conversations with. You often select the other half that shares a similar personality as you. You hope that your other half has great performance at work as you. However, the personality that attracted you might be the reason for you to be involved in arguments too as you two shared similar personalities and have the same persistence. When both of you think that you excel in the same way, and refuse to give in, this might cause problems to your relationship.



In conclusion, every couple has their own problems, but love can conquer everything if both of you are so in love with each other!

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