What Is An Introvert? Here Are 5 Signs That You Are One!

What Is An Introvert? Here Are 5 Signs That You Are One!

Introversion is one of the major personality traits identified in many theories of personality.

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People who are introverted tend to be inward turning or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation.

According to Verywell Mind, introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved and introspective.

While you might think of an introvert as a shy wallflower who prefers to stay home alone instead of socializing, introverts can actually come in many types with a wide variety of characteristics. You might even be surprised to learn that many people who you think of as “social butterflies” might actually be quite introverted!

Here are 5 signs that you might be an introvert!

#1 Being around lots of people drains your energy

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Do you ever just feel exhausted after spending time with a lot of people? After a day interacting with others, do you often need to retreat to a quiet palace and have an extended amount of time all to yourself?

Many introverts actually enjoy spending time around others. Introverts tend to prefer the company of close friends, while an extrovert might go to a party with the goal to meet new people, an introvert intends to spend quality time talking to good friends.

#2 You enjoy solitude

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As an introvert, your idea of a good time is a quiet afternoon to yourself to enjoy your own hobbies and interests.

You enjoy being alone with a good book, a peaceful nature walk, or binge-watching your favourite television programme. But this does not mean that introverts want to be alone all the time…

Introverts also enjoy spending time with friends and other familiar people in social situations. But after every social interaction, an introvert will probably want to retreat to a quiet place to think, reflect, and recharge.

#3 Prefer to keep their circle of friends small

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You might think that introverts don’t like people. Well, you’re actually wrong!

Introverts typically do not enjoy a great ideal of socializing, however, they do enjoy having a small group of friends to whom they are particularly close with. An introvert prefers to stick to deep, long-lasting relationships marked by a great deal of closeness and intimacy.

If your social circle tends to be small but very close, there’s a pretty good chance you are an introvert!

#4 People describe you as quiet and often feel like it’s difficult to get to know you

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This fact is true… introverts are often quiet and reserved, which people sometimes mistaken for being shy. While some people certainly are shy, people should not mistake an introvert’s reserved demeanour for timidity.

These types of people simply prefer to choose their words carefully and not waste time or energy on needless chit-chat. So, if you’re quiet and a bit reserved, you probably are an introvert!

#5 You learn by watching

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Extroverts tend to prefer to jump right in and learn through hands-on experience, while introverts typically prefer learning through observations because they learn best by watching.

They like to watch others perform a task, often repeatedly, until they feel that they can replicate the actions on their own. They also learn from personal experience, and prefer to practice somewhere private where they can build their skills and abilities on their own.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong if you are introverted! You like being by yourself and spending quality time alone, which is totally okay…

However, if you find that your introverted tendencies are the result of anxiety that impacts your normal day-to-day functioning, please see a doctor or mental health professionals!

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