9 Snacks We All Love And Unable to Resist during CNY

9 Snacks We All Love And Unable to Resist during CNY

Chinese New Year is all about food! Every time when you see your snack table is constantly stocked with red-topped containers, you know that Chinese New Year is near. But somehow, even though we end up eating everything on the table, we didn’t even know the names of the snacks. Here is a list of the most popular traditional Chinese New Year cookies or snacks that we all love. Can you name all of them?

1. Kuih Kapit

Speaking of Chinese New Year cookies, Kuih Kapit is a MUST! This is a cookie made of egg batter and folded twice to resemble the shape of a Chinese fan. Also called Love Letters, the thin and crispy wafer is one of the best-selling Chinese New Year snacks. And because it is also easy to prepare, making it yourself is also a trend now!


2. Pineapple Tarts / Rolls


Pineapple is read as “Ong Lai” in Hokkien, this conveys the idea of ushering in prosperity, which explains why pineapple tarts or rolls are always our favourites during this festive season. The sweet and tangy flavour of the pineapple jam paired with the crumbly pastry has won over many hearts.

3. Kuih Loyang


Kuih Loyang has many different names, such as Beehive Cookies or Kuih Rose because of its shape that resembles a honeycomb or a rose. But either way, the appearance of the cookie always indicates that Chinese New Year is around the corner! Crunchy and delicious as it is, you can tell why this golden biscuit very popular among Malaysians.


4. Peanut Cookies

Chinese New Year feast is never perfect without Peanut Cookies. It can be easily found in the market when Chinese New Year is near. Tasty aside, the cookies are supposed to represent long life and growing prosperity. So, when you get a bit of it this Chinese New Year, we hope your life will also be full of the flavour of roasted peanut like the cookies.


5. White Almond Cookies

As the ‘best friend’ of peanut cookies, this melt-in-mouth cookie is added with bits of almonds for a little crunchy texture. Like peanut cookies, it is one of the most traditional Chinese New Year snacks that pack a punch around the waist area too (but who cares haha).


6. Mini Shrimp Rolls


The deep-fried shrimp roll is a savoury snack that is perfect to go with drinking and gambling as it signifies good fortune and wealth. Small yet flavourful, it is a Southeast Asian exclusive snack that can’t be found anywhere else.


7. Kuih Bangkit

Kuih Bangkit, or Tapioca Cookies in English, is undoubtedly the most classic Chinese New Year snack we know. It tastes powdery and melts away very quickly in your mouth. It is also because of this that Kuih Bangkit has won a spot in uncles and aunties’ heart.


8. Arrowhead Chips

More commonly known as Ngaku Chips by Malaysians, these are definitely better than all the chips we usually eat throughout the year. The chips are super thin and crunchy. And because it is usually only found during Chinese New Year, we seem to find it hard to stop after we start munching it, don’t we?

9. Butter Cookies

Last but not least, the must-have during Chinese New Year, butter cookies. This kind of cookies is very common even if it is not Chinese New Year, and is also available in a variety of cute shapes. This is probably why it is still so popular even though we can have it at other times of the year. But admit it, the butter cookies are more highly addictive when eaten during Chinese New Year, right?

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