Health DG: 315 Patients In Malaysia Are Children Aged 14 & Below

Health DG: 315 Patients In Malaysia Are Children Aged 14 & Below

And just like how the virus doesn’t differentiate race, religion or skin color, it also definitely does not set apart age. 

According to this report by Sinar Harian, about 6% out of the positive cases in Malaysia are children aged 14 and below. That is 315 patients, which is NOT a small number. Health DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah further noted that 83 patients are children below the age of 4 and another 83 patients as well are between the ages 5-9.

“The balance 149 patients are aged between 10-14 years and if there are any child patients that contract the disease from their mother or father, they will be placed in the same ward/room as them. If a child is infected while his/her parents are not, and the parents want to care for said child, we allow it”, he said.

Source: ABC

He also stated that the parents who intend to look after their Covid-19 child, are very much encouraged to wear the PPE suit. Based on his statistics, this is the breakdown of each age group thus far:

4 years and below: 83 patients

5-9 years old: 83 patients

10-14 years old: 149 patients

20-24 years old: 526 patients

25-29 years old: 495 patients

56-59 years old: 453 patients

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