Oreo Debuts New Sakura Matcha & Peach Oolong Flavours

Oreo Debuts New Sakura Matcha & Peach Oolong Flavours

Taking inspiration from Japanese flavours, Oreo has deviated from the standard chocolate cream, peanut butter, and Oreo cookies to bring you some new colourful Oreos.

The bad news? It’s only available in Hong Kong for the time being.

In conjunction with the spring season, the brand has just launched 2 new flavours – Sakura Matcha and Peach Oolong. For the first time ever, Oreo lovers will get to taste its first ever light pink cookies that come with sakura flavour (cherry blossom comes to mind). Its filling is made from real matcha powder, offering a blend of sweetness with bitterness.

The Peach Oolong aren’t as colourful but look just as tasty. The standard black cookies has the oolong tea flavour while the centre is filled with peach creme. It’s worth noting that the packaging also matches the colours of these new Oreo cookies.

Now if only we can get our hands on these new flavours ?

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