Grace Chow Checked for STD after Breaking Up with Show Lo

Grace Chow Checked for STD after Breaking Up with Show Lo

Show Lo (羅志祥) and Grace Chow’s (周揚青) very public breakup has created a media frenzy. Dedicating a lengthy social media post to explain the reasoning behind the breakup, Grace accused Show of continued infidelity throughout their nine-year relationship.

When Grace exposed that Show had sexual relations with female artistes under his management company, netizens began frantically guessing who it could be. Many of the guesses point to singer-actress Linda Chien (愷樂, or otherwise known as 蝴蝶姐姐).

When a netizen posted on Grace’s social media and advised her to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases due to Show’s cheating, Grace replied, “After we broke up, I immediately went to get checked. I am in the clear. Do you mean to say that Linda Chien should go get checked?” Grace’s response further fueled the deduction that the female artiste Show was involved with is indeed Linda!

When another netizen expressed that Linda must truly love Show in order to knowingly cheat with him, Grace tautly replied, “No. She has her own boyfriend. So, I am not going to reveal too much about the women because I will save them face. Ultimately, they still need to find happiness elsewhere. For those of you who know me personally, don’t go out there and pretend to be innocent. I will not save you face next time.”



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