Jay Chou’s friendliness stuns paparazzi

Jay Chou’s friendliness stuns paparazzi

Mandopop King Jay Chou, who has a history of altercations with the paparazzi, was uncharacteristically friendly to pressmen trailing him last week, reported China Press.

The daily quoted weekly magazine Mirror Media as saying that Chou, 41, surprised the paparazzi when they camped outside a bowling alley to take photographs of him last Friday.

It was reported that the singer, who was photographed wearing a beanie and a face mask, walked up to one of the cars and knocked on the window, asking in a friendly tone: “Did you manage to get a good picture?”

His kindness reportedly startled the photographers.

They noted that this was uncharacteristic of Chou who was known to call the paparazzi “dogs”.

It was reported that Chou had booked the entire bowling alley for T$20,000 (S$937) that night for a private party with his wife, actress Hannah Quinlivan, and friends.


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