Kuala Lumpur Hostel & Bar Slammed For Being Racist Against Malaysians

Kuala Lumpur Hostel & Bar Slammed For Being Racist Against Malaysians

A 2-star Kuala Lumpur hostel has been accused of discrimination towards guests based on their race.

It’s not the first time that the Reggae Mansion accommodation has been criticised for not allowing specific races from entering its venue or making an online booking.

Recently, Twitter user @Iqtodabal posted screenshots of people’s feedbacks claiming that they experience racism at Reggae Mansion. “In case you haven’t heard, there’s a hostel in the Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque) area that doesn’t allow Asians and African guests, including Malaysians!” he said.

Iqbal added, “Honestly surprised that this business has managed to last this long without Malaysians tearing the shit out them.” This came after Munira Mustaffa asked, “Is Reggae Mansion in Kuala Lumpur still racist?

Back in 2011, The Star’s article titled “Reggae Mansion out of tune” touched on the controversy after the venue caused an uproar among locals for rejecting “selected nationalities including Malaysians”. They were even allegedly investigated by Tourism Malaysia at one point.

At the time, Reggae Mansion defended their ban against guests from Malaysia, India, and the Middle East because it served alcoholic drinks. The company also cited “religious reasons” as one of the factors.

I remember I was showing my friends from Canada around KL and we wanted to go for a drink, the hotel staff said I can’t go in but my Canadian friends could. My Canadian friend told the manager off and we went for drinks at Chinese Coffee shop,” wrote Prakash Daniel.

Malaysian Benjamin Chong also recalled an incident in 2013 when he wasn’t allowed to the hostel’s bar. However, the management changed their mind the next day after he told them he was a Singaporean.

I was not allowed into their premises because I am a Malaysian,” Benjamin’s tweet read. “Was showing some tourist friends around the city and came back to get some drinks at the bar but was stopped. Next day, I tried again and only got in because I said I was a Singaporean.”

Here are more testimonials:

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

In addition, it was also mentioned that Reggae Mansion does not accept guests above 60 years old.

Source: Coconuts.

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