4 Fun Facts About 2PM Taecyeon’s Non-Celebrity GF

4 Fun Facts About 2PM Taecyeon’s Non-Celebrity GF

K-pop fans across the globe are over the moon after it was confirmed that 2PM member Taecyeon is currently in a romantic relationship with his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Not long after the news circulated, a close acquaintance of 2PM member Taecyeon has spilled more details about his non-celebrity girlfriend in an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun.

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Having said that, here are some fun facts about the “Heartbeat” hit-maker’s lover, as shared by his friend in the chat:

1. Taecyeon’s girlfriend is 29 years old, 3 years younger than the K-pop hunk (Taecyeon is 32 this year).

2. His friend further revealed that the lady works as an ordinary office worker. No specific details revealed on which company she is currently working for, though.

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3. The lovebirds have been seeing each other seriously since back in 2017. So, that means they have probably been dating for 3 years now.

4. The insider also dished on how their relationship didn’t waver even when Taecyeon was in the army. According to him, “Taecyeon continued to show love even while he was serving in the military. They enjoyed their dating life just like any other couple would while the male is in the base camp. Just like how he casually shared his first relationship news since his debut, he has been meeting her quiet seriously. Their relationship is healthy.”

K-pop fans (especially 2PM fans Hottest) have taken to Twitter to show their love and congratulate Taecyeon following the recent announcement. It’s no surprise that the Hallyu heartthrob is still trending on social media.

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