Pavithra Respects Husband’s Decision To Decline TV Appearances

Pavithra Respects Husband’s Decision To Decline TV Appearances

YouTuber duo M Sugu and S Pavithra are currently having the best time of their lives after winning the hearts of Malaysians with their channel “Sugu Pavithra”.

In an exclusive interview with Pepatung, the lovebirds shared their thoughts on the good and not-so-good since their fame skyrocketed over the past few months.

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According to Sugu, he has been overwhelmed after receiving constant phone calls from reporters as it makes him uncomfortable about the lack of privacy. In this case, many cable companies have expressed their wish to invite the couple on their live shows.

He also expressed his displeasure when a lot of people reached out to ask about his wife’s photo shoot session that went viral a few days ago. Interestingly, the mommy-of-two said that she is completely fine with the spotlight, which is the exact opposite from her partner’s stand.

“I have no problem appearing on TV, but I have to get my husband’s permission. For now, he doesn’t allow me (to go live on screen). So, I’ll just follow what he feels is the best,” Pavithra told the lifestyle portal. This probably explains why she was the only one from the dynamic duo to be featured in the pictorial.

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During the chat, the couple also said that they don’t really mind if their 15 minutes of fame runs its course and they have to go back to their modest lifestyle someday. As you may know, they are currently depending on the income from producing content on YouTube after the husband quit his job.

“We don’t mind if we are no longer popular one day or even if YouTube is no longer able to provide us income. We were originally poor people. So if things become difficult after that, it definitely won’t break our spirits,” the lovebirds assured everyone.

Source: Pepatung

For those interested, feel free to read the full heart-to-heart interview session with Sugu and Pavithra here.

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