“There are 2 Types of Tired. One is a Dire Need of Sleep, The Other is a Dire Need of Peace.”

“There are 2 Types of Tired. One is a Dire Need of Sleep, The Other is a Dire Need of Peace.”

You are tired. You feel empty and hollow. You do not know what you are doing, why you are making foolish mistakes all the time, where is the supposedly right path to set off your journey to success, or how to make amends to, of all people, yourself.

Sleeping 7-8 hours per night doesn’t really help as you do not feel recharged in the morning. Tiredness follows you throughout the day and when it is bedtime, suddenly you are not tired, because you are wired.

Tired, exhausted, weary, fatigue – are pure adjectives that only describe our feelings, but deep down, do you really understand your emotions? The root cause of your feelings? There are 2 types of tiredness. One is the dire need of sleep, the other one is the dire need of peace.

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The Dire Need Of Sleep

Have a hectic schedule for the past 6 weeks? This is the kind of tired where you’re extremely busy working towards your goals you hardly have time to breathe and rest.

You are working for 14 hours per day to achieve your goals, and you are asleep before you hit your bed. Well if this is the kind of tired that you are going through, Congratulations! Because you are one step closer to your dream and this is the journey that you have chosen.

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To be successful in things that we love requires persistence and endurance, feeling tired is understandable but as you work, your capability and knowledge are expanding simultaneously. Your tolerance, your patience, and your abilities are enhancing perfectly.

Of course, you need to judge yourselves if you belong to this category. One simple tip is, do you have a sense of satisfaction after the long hour of work? If no, you might need some peace instead.

The Dire Need of Peace

Here comes the second type of tiredness.

In work or personal life, you feel the tiredness comes within your soul that no sleep can quench. Lack of motivation, emptiness, and hollowness in your spirit, your aspiration seems to evaporate somewhere in your life.

Do you feel like you are in a bad environment or could not find the passion in your job even though you tried? These are all the factors that make you feel tired and wired.

Sleeping doesn’t help much as most of the time you are staring at the ceiling stressing yourself, wondering where the journey might take you. Don’t let it make you miserable.

Here are some of the checkpoints to see if you belong to this category:


1) Lack of control in your work

2) Lack of recognition and rewards for your efforts

3) Demanding job expectations

4) A too-easy job that makes you feel undervalue your ability

5) Unhelpful environment


1) Lack of close friends and social interactions

2) Having too much burden in yourself

3) People around you are not helpful when you ask for a favor

4) The hectic schedule makes you do not have time to relax

There are other factors that are not listed. Try to identify the root cause of your tiredness as it is important to understand yourself and find the solutions for it in order for you to move forward.

Here are some of the ways to regain some peace of mind,

Try to reach out to your family or friends 

Talk to them over your problems, ask for their advice. They might have the experience, connections, or different perspectives that might solve your problems instantly. Their wisdom is something that we couldn’t ask for more to help us.

Besides, develop friendships with your colleagues. No one understands better when you want to complain about a person, your job, or your company with someone who is in the same situation.

Change the way of you look at work

There are no ways to be happy if you keep falling into the circle of “not passionate but, doable, high pay job”. Your mental fatigue will only go away after you quit and find a job that you love instead. Of course, changing jobs might not be a practical solution as the situation is different for everyone.

Please believe that when there is a will, there is a way. You can find some part-time job to do pursue what you passionate about while still keeping the full-time job to pay the bills. It might be tiring physically but it is a different story for your mental health.

Besides, what could go wrong from there since you are already unhappy?

Or, try to find some value in your work. 

For example, if you are working in the customer services industry, appreciate yourself when you are able to help customers solve the problems that have to make them frustrated. Imagine the rest of their day is going to be happy because you helped.

Whether you are tired in dire of sleep or peace, if you are reading this article now, take a break and reconsider your choices.

Listen to your inner voice and identify the root cause of feeling tired. If you have a sense of satisfaction even though you are tired, don’t stop! Continue to chase whatever dreams that you are after.

If you feel burn out, lack of direction and empty, take some time off and remove yourself from the situation. Go for a vacation if needed. Be free from unhelpful emotion and thinking. Reclaim your peace.

No matter what happens, here are the tips to believe in yourself. To thrive. To discover. To not giving up.

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