Facebook Blocks Video Praising Malaysia’s Effort In Handling Covid-19

Facebook Blocks Video Praising Malaysia’s Effort In Handling Covid-19

Back on 18th May, American content creator Dustin Pfundheller published a video on his YouTube account titled “Other Side of the Truth”, praising Malaysia’s effort in their fight against Covid-19.

Unfortunately, it was revealed that the video, titled “How Malaysia Did The Impossible”, was blocked by Facebook. According to Pfundheller, the clip promotes “false, misleading and deceptive claims.”

Source: YouTube

In response to that, Pfundheller, who is also a dentist, came up with a video on his YouTube account to vent out his frustration towards Facebook for blocking his video. He also insisted that such action should not have taken place.

“Not only did I use accurate facts and sources for the information, I also had 30 YouTubers to help fact checks on it and review the video. The only thing I found out from the reviews was that there were more things I should have included that Malaysia had done. For example, giving free internet service to the people,” commented Pfundheller.

He continued, “This is frustrating. Because a country like Malaysia often gets ignored. When you look at countries that did amazing efforts to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s all about Western countries, or maybe Taiwan. But others like Malaysia is completely off the map. And I’ve worked really hard to give the country the justice that it deserves.”

“When somebody does a story about how great Malaysia actually is, it’s called false and Facebook blocked it. FB has no email, phone number, has no way of contact them and has no explanation of why it thinks the video is misleading. And yet, they have an office in Malaysia!” Pfundheller further added in the clip.

Seemingly surprised with the fact that his video had been blocked by the giant social networking company, he concluded by advising that huge organisations such as Facebook should “treat all people, creators and countries equally”.

Currently, the video in question is still available on YouTube.

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