World Most Expensive Hotel : RM400k per night?! What’s so special about the Palms Casino Resort, LA?

World Most Expensive Hotel : RM400k per night?! What’s so special about the Palms Casino Resort, LA?

Just when you think a small hotel room in Malaysia, that costs around RM100+ is expensive, this resort is charging $100k (approx. RM400k) per night!!!

Introducing the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – the world most expensive hotel in history!

The resort just completed their renovations for two years long and spent, according to rumours, 1 billion dollars. It has the most extensive art collections outside of a museum, in another words, you are basically living in a museum. Take a look at their “art piece” :

Not a fan of animal cruelty, but it is what is~

Palms Casino Resort has a total of 1395 rooms and suites, including the exclusive suites, The Kingpin Suite, The Hardwood Suite and The Empathy Suite. The Kingpin Suite costs around $15000 per night which houses bowling lanes. While The Hardwood Suite costs around $20000 per night and it has its own basketball court.

The Empathy Suite, that costs $200000 per night, is specially designed by the famous British designer, Damien Hirst. The room itself is extensively decorated with “art pieces”, such as diamond cabinet, medicine cabinet and the Winner/Loser installation, which is a pair of sharks suspended in a formaldehyde-filled tank.

You might be thinking, with the installations and art display, how much space is left though? No worries, the suite is a 9,000 ft² two-story suite (equals to around 12 condos in Malaysia) with two bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms. Plus, the suites has 2 massage rooms, game room, Walk-in steam shower, private healing salt room, deep soaking tubs with hydrotherapy jets and fitness room in the room itself. And of course: private enclosed cantilever pool in the terrace.

So, question, if you are that rich, would you spent a night there?

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