Woman Exposes Actress Alya Iman Of Having An Affair With Her Husband

Woman Exposes Actress Alya Iman Of Having An Affair With Her Husband

Malaysian actress Alya Iman was trending all over social media over the weekend.

This happened after a woman accused the daughter of the late actor Azmil Mustapha of being a home-wrecker and revealed that she was having an affair with her husband, known as Mr. M.

Source: IG Story via Beautifulnara

According to the wife Penny Salman via Instagram Story, Alya has been living a luxurious life thanks to her wealthy husband’s money for over 12 months. Apart from that, Penny claimed that the 19-year-old often followed Mr. M when he was working abroad. He even gifted her with tons of branded products throughout their time together.

In response, the “Gaun Pengantin Ivory” actress admitted that she had engaged with someone’s husband earlier this year. However a month after that, the couple broke up after their relationship wasn’t approved by the man’s wife.

“It’s true. On 27th February at 8pm, I was engaged to a 30-year-old individual whose status is married and has two children. The event was held in private with only my family and close friends in attendance. Prior to that, I was told that his wife had agreed for me to be his second wife,” Alya clarified.

Source: IG Story via Beautifulnara

She added, “I called off the engagement after finding out that our relationship was against his wife’s will. I’ve also returned all the gifts that he gave me because I felt guilty. I accept the consequences of everything that has happened because I believe in the power of God the Almighty.”

“I really hope that everyone will give me support, encouragement and pray for me so that I can handle this matter well. Indeed, I believe that this is a process for me to be more mature. Therefore, I apologise to those who have been affected by my past mistake,” said the up-and-coming local celeb.

Following Alya’s statement, Penny took to her Instagram to spill some more tea on her relationship with Mr. M. The woman claimed that the young starlet still keeps in touch with her husband, even though they are no longer engaged.

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Despite Alya’s apology, the drama between the 2 women is far from over.

Source: Harian Metro.

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