Woman With Covid-19 Wristband Caught Breaking Home Quarantine In Penang

Woman With Covid-19 Wristband Caught Breaking Home Quarantine In Penang

Just last week, we saw a couple of irresponsible Malaysians with Covid-19 wristbands breaking home quarantine rules.

Earlier today (Wednesday, 29th July), another woman with the pink tag on her wrist was seen queueing in line to enter a bank in Raja Uda, Bagan, Penang.

An admin on the Penang Kini Facebook page uploaded a few pictures of the aforementioned person, with the caption, “At the Maybank at Raja Uda, Bagan just now. Is this true? We hope that this woman isn’t actually under quarantine and is healthy.”

The person who snapped the photos shared that the incident took place at approximately 11am. When the Covid-19 patient tried to enter Maybank, she was denied entry. The lady left the scene shortly after.

10 minutes later, I entered the bank and saw someone informing the guard that a person with the pink band had tried to enter the bank. I’m not sure if she came back, but this took place before my eyes and it was shocking to see,” the onlooker recalled.

Understandably, many netizens were livid at her behaviour for potentially putting other people’s lives at risk. The comments section was flooded with people urging to make a police report. Having said that, there are a few who suggested that we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has said that they will not hesitate to implement the movement control order (MCO) again if the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia gets worst.

Source: PenangKini.

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