Cathryn Li Proves Her Piano Skills In New Video & Calls Out Naysayers

Cathryn Li Proves Her Piano Skills In New Video & Calls Out Naysayers

The past two days have been very eventful for Malaysian influencer, Cathryn Li (李元玲). After her outburst on a live interview, the 31-year-old posted an apology on her Facebook and Instagram.

While one would think that would be the end of it, Ms. Cathryn recently posted a new video. This time, she proves her piano skills and again, explains why she struggled to perform that day.


The song Ms. Cathryn plays on the piano is “很愛很愛你” (I love you very much) by René Liu. It is the same song she played during the live FB show. In her post, she lists two main reasons why she struggled to play that day.

According to her, playing the piano is different compared to playing on a keyboard. She was not prepared for the “piano solo” to be “switched to a small electronic keyboard“. She also stated that “the mode needs to be modified on the spot” and there is no soprano part available on the keyboard. Cathryn also emphasised that she is not used to playing the keyboard at all. The keys feel different to her and it makes her uncomfortable. Additionally, she stressed that she didn’t have a chance to practice playing the keyboard.

Her second point is that she is not a keyboardist. Don’t be mistaken, she is “good at playing solo” and she claims she can “accompany a band” but she is “not a keyboardist“. As such, she requires time to rehearse to be able to fit in and “develop a rhythm that everyone is comfortable with“. She states that if she was criticised for this reason, she agrees that she is “really unpredictable on the keyboard” but boldly challenges her critics with “Can you play the piano?” Cathryn adds that she enjoys Prokofiev’s classical music, but even she doesn’t understand it when she plays it.


The post accompanying her piano playing ends with an audacious declaration. “You will find that all the people who criticise me for (playing the keyboard poorly) do not know how to play musical instruments.” She further comments that “Everyone who defends me are musicians“.

Her fans, once again, gave her their full support. Many posted encouraging comments telling her to stay strong in the face of such hate. Several sided with her, offering other examples that illustrated how ridiculous it was to compare a piano to a keyboard.


A few questioned why she felt the need to prove herself as they felt she was only prolonging her situation.


A handful of netizens however brought up the reason why many people were interested in the drama. No one questioned her piano skills, save for the one commenter who started the whole fiasco, but what no one understood was why she needed to “throw a tantrum” when things didn’t go her way.



Do you guys agree with Ms. Cathryn’s reasoning? Don’t worry, we accept all opinions, including non-musicians.

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