Scottish Comedian’s Speech About Male Accountability Resurfaces After Sarah Everard Murder

Scottish Comedian’s Speech About Male Accountability Resurfaces After Sarah Everard Murder

A 2019 monologue by comedian Daniel Sloss has gone viral for its poignant message about men taking accountability, following the tragic murder of British woman Sarah Everard.

Sloss admitted he didn’t do enough to stop the unsettling behaviour of a former friend, who later went on to rape a female friend of his.

In the clip, Sloss revealed: “I knew this man for eight years and he f**king did it, there are monsters amongst us, and they look like us.

“If you’re sick of the narrative that is going on about men feel free to change it but you have to get involved. Don’t make the same mistake I did for years, which was sitting back and saying, ‘Well I’m not part of the problem therefore I must be part of the problem.’ Cause that’s just not how f**king s**t works.”

Sloss went on the explain that if one in 10 men are bad and the other nine do nothing to get involved in the fight against violence towards women, then they might as well not be there.

“Being good on the inside counts for absolutely f**k all,” he told the crowd.

“You have to be actively good and get involved instead of having this hero complex of being like ‘I’m going to beat up a rapist’ – f**king prevent one,” he said.

“Stop one, because I know it can be done because I know how I f**king failed at it.

“Because if I’m being 100 per cent honest with myself, were there signs in my friend’s behaviour over the years towards women that I ignored? The answer is yes. And then he raped my friend and that’s on me until the day I die.”

Sarah Everard went missing on March 3. Credit: Supplied

The resurfaced video has been shared across social media in light of the discovery of 33-year-old Everard, whose remains were found 80 km away from where she disappeared while walking home from a friend’s house in London on March 3.

Police officer Wayne Couzens has now been charged with hermurder and kidnapping.

One woman wrote, “All men should watch this video. I often find myself trying to articulate how ‘male allies’ need to do more, how not being a rapist/abusive/sexist isn’t enough. If you are passive and not active in ending male violence you may as well not be there.”

One man said that watching the monologue said it had completely changed his mindset on the manner.

He wrote: “Seeing this when it came out literally changed my mindset. I was 100 per cent in the ‘I’m not at all like that so I’m OK’ and it wasn’t good enough.

“Sometimes the greatest takes are from comedians.”

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