15 Of The Healthiest Places To Live On The Planet!

15 Of The Healthiest Places To Live On The Planet!

It seems there are many factors that contribute to health. Some places just have all of them! If you like good food, fresh air, beautiful scenic views and supportive and friendly people, then you like healthy living. Which is why we have compiled our list of the top 15 healthiest places to live in the world…

Japan – one the of the healthiest places in the world

Japanese mountain. Source: wallpapercave.com

The life expectancy in Japan is 86 years old. There is a general culture of keeping active. They also have a diet high in omega-3 rich foods, and eat fermented foods which are high in vitamin K2, which boosts immunity.


Panama. Source: tui.fr

Panama’s residents life expectancies’ average at 77 or less. This must be something to do with the fresh air, copious greenery of the forest, and lots of fresh food. 80% of the countries’ produce comes from Volcan, also known as Shangri-La-Valley.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Source: costaricaguides.com

For nine months researchers tried to work out why people in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica were living for longer than most people in the world. They discovered a natural high-fibre diet had a lot to do with it. As did a focus on family support and a feeling of purpose in their work and lives.


Houses in Ecuador mountains. Source: britishcouncil.org

In the ‘Valley of Longevity’ in Ecuador, people live healthy and long lives. This is likely because the air is particularly clean. The water is full of minerals. Oh, and they have such a relaxed attitude that stress is at an all time low over there. Get us a ticket!


Grand canal in venice. Source: tripsavvy.com

Sardinia is one of the healthiest places in the world. They eat a healthy diet of flat-breads, beans, cheese high in omega 3 fats, tomatoes garlic and greens. They drink a dark red wine high in anti-oxidants. The men also tend to walk 5 miles a day as shepherds. There is also, a strong family value in the community.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s Lake Tekapo. Source: nationsonline.org

In New Zealand, the air is clean and health care is often cheap, or free. They have an ‘outdoorsy’ feel to their culture. That means families often embrace an outdoor lifestyle, have their own boats and will go fishing, swimming or walking for fun.


Swiss mountains. Source: roughguides.com

The Swiss enjoy healthy and balanced lifestyle. Most people are highly active, and are lucky enough to have the Swiss alps to climb in the summer. The fact that they are one of the wealthiest countries in the world likely is one reason their diets and healthcare are so good.


Icelandic waterfalls. Source: travelandleisure.com

In this sparsely populated and beautiful landscape (. In Iceland) the life expectancy for men is the highest in the world, at 81. The diet is mostly based upon fresh fish and high-quality dairy products. The water that you get from your tap is some of the freshest you can find, being basically the same as spring water.


Finnish party. Source: cnn.com

Finland has a wonderful system where each new born is given support from birth. Each mother is given essential supplies. Maybe that is why they have the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. They were also found to be the world’s happiest country in the 2018 World Happiness Report.


Walking in Andorra. Source: jaserodley.com

Andorra is a tiny country nestled in between France and Spain. It has clean mountainous air, good food and an especially good health care system. They are also a relatively wealthy and relaxed people. They don’t get aggravated by traffic. Young Andorrans dream of returning there for retirement.


Singapore has stringent laws about littering, so you know it’s going to be a clean environment. They also have a very high-standard of health care. This is a very safe place to be as when measured by the UN in 2016, they found death rates from occupational hazards, poison or tropical diseases to be very low.


Greek sea view. Source: pacificworld.com

One of the healthiest places in the world, the Greeks enjoy glorious sunshine and a ‘live for the moment’ attitude that seems to serve them well. They live long lives, even when habits that seem less than healthy, like smoking and drinking, are popular. Their strong family culture and healthy food also adds to their longevity.



Australian surfers. Source: huffingtonpost.com

Not all Australians are relaxed, but a lot of them are! They also eat a lot of fresh food from their own produce, and are pretty active. They enjoy surfing, playing rugby and hiking. No wonder they’re in shape!

Hong Kong

Hong-Kong-at-night. Source: Jeuxvideo.com

In Hong Kong, women live on average to 90! This could be because its residents receive health education early on. It ranks as number one on the Bloomberg health care efficiency review. Healthcare costs less and is the more effective then most.

San Marino

San Marino landscape. Source: eurovoix.com

This little country surrounded by Italy has got it right. Only 23.6 square miles large, it has an abundance of healthcare centres and private practices available for its occupants. The standard of healthcare is also high. They also (unsurprisingly!) have a largely mediterranean diet.


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