Top 15 Places To Retire In The US

Top 15 Places To Retire In The US

There are many reasons you might want to move somewhere new for retirement, to experience somewhere new or simply to find somewhere that suits you well as you settle into life with possibly a little more freedom than you have ever had before!

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf shores. Source:

This is a beautiful small town situated on the gulf of Mexico. Living out the rest of your days on a warm beach front has to be one of the best ways to enjoy retirement. (There is a low crime rate, but it may be a challenge to get around.)

Green Valley, Arizona

Green Valley neighbourhood. Source: greenvalleyazrealestatecom

There is a large population of retirees in Green Valley, and it’s easy to see why… Beautiful countryside, diverse communities and an active lifestyle are all on offer in this peaceful place. Those who move to Green Valley have a wide range of properties to choose from, of all different price ranges and styles.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento Tower Bridge. Source:

If you’re wanting somewhere more age diverse, you couldn’t go far wrong living in a city. Sacramento is a little more expensive than average, but makes up for it in terms of its beauty, friendly communities and the amount of physicians available.

Newark, Delaware

Delaware sunset. Source: 1ZOOM.Me

Newark seems a good place to retire if you’re looking for a good deal for your money, with property prices being low. It is also a good place to go if you enjoy biking, and is right on the East coast’s principle interstate highway, with easy access to New York and Washington. Baltimore’s attractions are also not far away, taking only an hour drive to enjoy the Inner Harbor or Fell’s Point.

The Villages, Florida

The Villages, Florida. Source:

This small town inhabits 115,000 people, with a fast growing community of senior citizens. Affectionately named ‘Disneyland for adults’, the villages have most every activity you can think of to keep its residents busy and active (all day and night).

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kaneohe. Source:

Situated on the island of Oahu, this beautiful little town brags stunning views and beaches. Kaneohe has a pleasant climate, and is not usually too hot or cold, with warm summers and mild winters. The only problem may be prices, as it costs more to ship supplies over from the mainland.

Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington. Source:

Bloomington is a true College town, with Indiana University at its heart. Sports are a big focus here, particularly baseball. Costs are lower than the average (6.7% lower) and its population has increased by 38.65% since the year 2000, making it definitely, one to watch.

Portland, Maine

Portland. Source:

This coastal town has wonderful places to walk or go for a bike ride. It has a reasonably small population of 67,000 people, has great restaurants, and it also has house prices which are reasonably low- with the median being $292,100.

Oxford, Mississippi

Mississippi. Source:

Oxford has a small population of 22,314, making its crime rates very low. Despite its size, it boasts cultural diversity, entertainment, and many other activities. The only weakness it has may be the hot weather during the summer months.

Jefferson City, Missouri

Downtown Jefferson City from across the Missouri River in Jefferson City, Missouri

If you’re looking to buy, this could be the place to you, with the median house price being just $153,000, with living costs at 10% below the average. This place is pretty and has a calm and community-minded attitude. If you’re wanting a wild culture or a great nightlife, this probably isn’t for you.

Edmond, Oklahoma

A great family-centred place, Edmond has a lot to offer in terms of different activities, it is clean and ranks well on the Milken Institute list of best cities for successful aging. There are a lot of green spaces and a low crime rate to boot.

McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville. Source:

While McMinnville may be a bit on the pricey side (17% above the national average) it may well be worth the money. It has an attractive downtown, lots of art and culture available, along with a cool cosmopolitan attitude.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio. Source:

This City has a laid back no-nonsense sort of an attitude. Possibly aided by the hot weather, its people are relaxed, although the heat may not suit some, it reaching up to 100 F in the summer months. Most of the downtown area is pleasant, as is a walk along the San Antonio river.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington. Source:

Burlington is one of the greenest cities in the states, being hailed the greenest place to live by Country Home Magazine in 2007. It also is a very safe place, and is a good place for foodies to live, with an artsy and progressive attitude. Basically, if you’re looking for healthy food and music, you won’t be disappointed.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison. Source:

If you don’t mind cold winters, Madison could be a good pick for you. It also is a clean and attractive capital city. The two lakes – Mendota and Menona provide recreational activities for families, and a great place to be if you love cycling. They also have cold winters, but on the upside, very good health care.


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