10 Japanese Brands Making Their Malaysian Debut At LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre

10 Japanese Brands Making Their Malaysian Debut At LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre

We know that you have heard that LaLaport is opening another one of its outlet in Malaysia, and it is located in Bukit Bintang. Some of you might have gotten a sneak peek of it here. But are you aware of what Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport has to offer?

LaLaport is collaborating with the Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC) to bring you the Japanese lifestyle! This project will become Mitsui Fudosan’s very first LaLaport mall in Southeast Asia and one of its largest commercial facilities with over 82,600sqm (est.) of floor space.

Here are the Japanese brands that will be making their Malaysian debut at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre:

  • Shops & Services

1. Zoff


Zoff is a popular eyewear brand in Japan that offers you good quality with affordable price. Not only that, but you would also look chic with the designs that they offer. The best news is, they will be opening their first Malaysian outlet in LaLaport BBCC!



NITORI is a Japanese furniture and home accessories outlet. If you like simple Japanese furniture and home decors, this is the place you would like to take a look at. It’s also a good shop if you would like to change your space along with your lifestyle. Because your personal space affects your daily lifestyle, doesn’t it?

3. Nojima


It is well-known that Japan have one of the most advanced technologies and gadgets in the world, with good quality even. Now, you can get your hands on a wide variety of not only their gadgets in Nojima, but also furniture and furnishings. Nojima’s first ever store in Malaysia will be in collaboration with their local subsidiary, Courts Malaysia.

4. Star Child


If the community of BBCC would like to instill the Japanese lifestyle into their future generations, Star Child is the place. Star Child is a nursery school that incorporates Japanese-style childcare and intellectual education, one of the first of its kind in Malaysia will open in LaLaport.

5. Coo&RIKU

Japan’s biggest pet shop is finally opening in Malaysia. Not only that you can shop for your beloved furry friends, but you can also visit the attached cat café next to it with 4 different themes, and interact with 50 different breeds of cats.

  • Food & Beverages Outlet

1. Shin’Labo


The founder of METTA, Chef Won, is finally launching his own restaurant that is curated around transcendental dining. Experience various of elevated Yōshoku creations fused with modern French techniques using exquisite Japanese produce and Malaysian homegrown ingredients.

2. DONQ/Mini One


We know Japan has unique desserts like their mochis, cheesecake, and all those usual ones. But at Mini One, you might have to hold your drools looking at their shiny glazed croissants and their milky chocolate mochi.



Life may be cold, but it isn’t that bitter. MATCHA EIGHT serves you with premium artisanal Japanese ice cream. Their tea powder are the finest ones imported straight from Kyoto. They have three types of Matcha ice cream (medium Matcha, strong Matcha with bitter aftertaste and another one with tea aftertaste) and Sencha ice cream. If you want to know more, try checking them out here.



You want to go for fine dining but your date wants to go for Yakiniku? Why not go for both at YAKINIKU SIZZLE? Premium meat cooked down to perfection, there’s nothing more you could ever ask for after dining in YAKINIKU SIZZLE.

5. Tamaruya Honten Steakhouse


The Tamaruya wasabi company is finally bringing their first steakhouse to Malaysia, and you can enjoy your finely cooked steaks with their spicy but smooth wasabi.

If you can’t choose which restaurant to go, you can always opt for the wide variety of food scenes that they offer at their F&B floor. They have “Depachika Marche” where you can take away food, their “Cafeteria” food court, the “Gourmet Street” where you can enjoy fresh al-fresco dining and the “Garden Dining” food court. This latest shopping mall is also easily accessible by public transport like LRT and KL Monarail.

So, head over to LaLaport as soon as it launches in 2022 and get a taste of that Nippon lifestyle!


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