A journey thru Malaysia via Beta KL Seasonal Menu

A journey thru Malaysia via Beta KL Seasonal Menu

Throughout the existence of this little corner of the internet that I called home, I’ve been fortunate enough to get invitations to try out interesting offerings from many restaurants. They’re often exciting, delicious, surprising,  or even romantic, but at Beta KL, it was something that also brought a sense of pride.

Allow me to explain.

Beta KL @ Cormar Suites Kuala Lumpur, Jambu Royale cocktail

Beta KL is located at Cormar Suites, just a few minutes’ walk from the famous Petronas Twin Towers. As you work your way across to the rear of the building, behind a wall that looks more like an entrance to a tropical butterfly farm is an expansive dining area that’s tastefully decorated with a theme that seems to be inspired from Malaysian culture, including a wall that reminds me of batik fabric.

Our menu of the day was the season 1 of 2023’s Tour of Malaysia (RM 450 p.p), with cocktail pairing (RM 128 p.p for 3 glass, RM 168 p.p for 4 glasses).

We started  with the first cocktail – Jambu Royale, consists of cachaca, fermented  guava,and kaffir lime. providing a refreshing start to the evening.

Ulam, Fish Cracker, Baby Corn

First trio of the night was

  • ulam, with budu from Terengganu & one of our favorite local lime variety – calamansi
  • fish cracker, a  play of anchovies and  fermented chili, presented as a crunchy ball
  • baby corn, with lempeng & buah kulim, of course, the product of Cameron Highland

Oyster, Quail Egg, Yam

Next trio were more exquisite dishes served together

  • oyster, with galangal & lime
  • quail egg, mushroom & cincalok
  • yam, with duck & long bean

A mix of traditional ingredients with molecular gastronomy technique & treatment, an eye opener. There’s also the 0.00% Yeast, tapioca with fermented black beans & green chili emulsion. A sort of “not entirely unlike bread” thingy that we enjoyed quite a bit, especially surprised by the green chili emulsion that carried a bit of a kick.

Malaysia Sling, Tiger Prawn

Malaysian Sling was my second cocktail. A fizzy and aromatic drink consists of more local produce – pandan gin, lemongrass, tea, lime, honey, and ginger ale. Better than the Singaporean counterpart I’d say!

The first entree came in the form of Tiger Prawn with papaya, torch ginger, and kombucha. Flavorful acidic base with lightly cooked seafood, a good partnership.

Treadfin with Bentong Ginger

Next was Treadfin, with deep fried Bentong ginger, mustard green, and homemade rice wine. A fine dining treatment through and through.

Cornfed Chicken, Kombucha Sorbet

Cornfed chicken was a compact puck of minced poultry with asam pedas sauce that carries a mild but rather flavorful note. I also love the deconstructed coconut milk (?) on the side.

There was also a surprise during this time, with a bit of an exhibition and flair was how the Kombucha sorbet was prepared and served on the spot. A nice pivot from the more serious

Asia Fashioned cocktail, Lamb Rack, Duck Breast

The two mains we picked were lamb rack and duck breast. The lamb served with lawas rice and the classic Chinese 5 spice, expertly cooked, juicy, and satisfying. Duck breast was seasoned with tamarind, gula melaka, and betel leaf, the skin was especially crispy, can’t get enough.

The third drink was served as well, Asia Fashioned. A strong & umami cocktail with bourbon infused logan, rum keluak infusion, and gula melaka soy sauce. Yep, soy sauce. Surprising ingredient? Maybe by now we should come to expect it from Beta KL.

Loyang Vol 3, Musang King Durian

Desserts were Loyang Vol 3, with red beans & sesame; and Musang King durian, with peanut & Chemor chocolate. A fittingly sweet & rich ending to an excellent dinner that showcase the ingredients around Malaysia, with cooking techniques & creativity to match its uniqueness.

Beta KL
Lot 163, 10, Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.1547127, 101.709237
Tel: 019-212 1094


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