10 creative Ikea hacks to uniquely transform your furniture

If you didn’t know already, Ikea is the biggest home furniture retailer in the world. Its revenue in 2020 was $44 billion dollars, and it’s in 52 countries employing 217,000 people. We all love Ikea for its affordable pieces, timeless designs and to a certain extent – the shopping experience. In fact, it’s so popular that even [...]

IKEA M’sia Releases NEW Beef Con Carne Chicken Sausage & Slushie Perfect For Snack Time

Where’s one place you can (window) shop for all your dream homeware whilst also be able to enjoy an array of delicious food? Yes, IKEA is the only place you can do so! With the launch of their new BYGGLEK collection soon, LEGO® lovers will definitely fall head over heels for it. Hold up, [...]

Enjoy a budget-friendly home makeover with the IKEA Sale!

Shop online and in-store to enjoy discounts for over 900 low priced products As Malaysians continue to spend more time at home, IKEA is making home count by lowering its prices even further for over 900 home furnishing products. Ranging from cushions to dressers, mattresses to sofas, and planting pots to kitchen utensils, the IKEA [...]

Stop Using The Troligtvis Travel Mug From IKEA!

IKEA has urged customers who own the Troligtvis travel mugs marked with “Made In India” to stop using them. A statement by an IKEA spokesperson said that the product contained “chemicals exceeding the prescribed limit”. Photo: Channel News Asia (CNA) via IKEA The mug was sold in IKEA between August and October last year and came in [...]