8 Killer Tips for a Stunning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Many of us have come across the need to deliver a presentation to a group of audience with Microsoft PowerPoint. However, do you ever come across PowerPoint slides that have a million text, blurry photos, small font size - simply said, not captivating your mind at all? A good presentation certainly depends a lot on [...]

Enjoy a budget-friendly home makeover with the IKEA Sale!

Shop online and in-store to enjoy discounts for over 900 low priced products As Malaysians continue to spend more time at home, IKEA is making home count by lowering its prices even further for over 900 home furnishing products. Ranging from cushions to dressers, mattresses to sofas, and planting pots to kitchen utensils, the IKEA [...]

Do You Know The Story And Meaning Behind The Flowers? Probably Not.

Flowers, representing the core of life in nature, appear in various enchanting forms with different colors and styles, each with their own unique characteristics and style that is mesmerizing. Flowers are a gift to everyone that brings joy with symbolism. Do you know the story and meaning behind each flower? https://www.instagram.com/p/CAwVxYsB0uE/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Sunflower Sunflower got its name by the [...]

5 tips for healthy living | Learn these tips to help in preventing flu and enhancing physical immunity

Type A/B seasonal influenza is coming, especially in places with lots of people such as schools and shopping centers. The chance of flu infection is higher at these crowded places! Notice the symptoms of the disease earlier is one of the ways to cure the illness. If you have a fever, cough or sore bones, [...]

Have you ever wondered how to become a successful student? Here are some tips to let you pass with flying colour in exam!

Many people think that a good or successful students is one who studies diligently and gets good grades in examinations. However, a good students not only able to juggle his studies and social life, but always get self-motivated and have a positive attitudes. 1. Organise a timetable Timetable helps you to juggle your time between study [...]