First On-Foot Look At Adidas x Pokemon Footwear Collection

First On-Foot Look At Adidas x Pokemon Footwear Collection

After getting a tease of Adidas and Pokemon’s collaboration in late March, we now have the official on-foot images.

In conjunction with this week’s release of “Detective Pikachu”, the shoe brand is gearing up to promote their new shoe collection inspired by the iconic ’90s anime series and video game franchise, Pokemon.

While previous photos of Pikachu and Squirtle sneakers had already leaked online, we were keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that Adidas and Pokemon’s partnership will feature more Pokemon designs. Since yellow represents Pikachu and blue represents Squirtle, will we get a green (Balbasaur) and red (Charmander) theme?

Besides Pokemon sneakers, other fashion items include Charizard slippers, Pokemon hat, adorable coloured t-shirts, short pants, and more. Details such a prices and release date have yet to be announced.

Take a look at the gallery below:

Do you have a favourite design so far?


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